Currently sat on a cold floor, in a drafty church somewhere deep in the country, trying to Entertain the little one, whilst a funeral goes on around us.
I couldn’t help but notice, that without pride, flash presentations, or extrovert style, The Gospel was just preached, quickly, to the point, and well.
Well played church of England. Well played.

Do you use deodorant on a Sunday?


According to research, people are getting smellier as seven percent of young men have stopped using deodorant at least once a week.

What if the day that young men dont use deodorant happens to be on a Sunday? What if they raise their hands during worship?

Maybe there should be a campaign to remind people to put deodorant on before they go to church?

Three Years Ago…


Three years ago today, two guys sat in a pub, enjoying a pint or two.

Conversation seemed to focus on life, our place in it, and what the Church had to do about. I’m not sure how, but the idea for a website came out of it. Whilst the original idea was for the website to look at the place of men within church, things seemed to change from attempting to be serious, to one of taking a look at the weirder side of church, as well as pondering about the Church in general.

Whilst our our blog birthday itself is tomorrow (and something silly is planned), I just wanted to say Thank You to our many friends out in the internet for making us realise we’re not along in thinking that church is a little silly at times.

Dear Dave , Nick and the mainstream media…

Dear Dave , Nick and the mainstream media

Please whatever happens dont forget that the #CofE thinks about more stuff then just gay marriage.

We’re just not very good at getting people talking about what we really do care about: Sorry about that.


Some people on the backrow