Alternative Quotes about Prayer

Its easy to find what people say about prayer when you’re a Christian.

For starters the Bible has loads of people talking about God, and ways to be with, talk with, and generally communicate with God. Then there are the (what feels like) millions of Bible teachers who have taught loads of stuff about prayer.

But what do “normal” people have to say about prayer? Here’s a quick collection of quotes about prayer from people who aren’t really Bible teachers…

Do you have any alternative quotes about prayer you could share below?

How To Sin Well

There seems to be a number of great “heroes” of the Christian faith that we can look up to in the Bible. Many upstanding people of faith who we can look to as examples as we seek to live out our own faith in the worlds we live in.

For this months Digidisciple post we’re going to look at what King David can teach us about sinning.

Don’t Be Where You’re Meant To Be

Relaxing beer

David probably should have been at the battle… Instead he chose to be somewhere much nicer.

Which is obviously a silly choice to make. I obviously never skived off lectures at uni to go to the pub instead…

Look down at people.

Toronto Reference Library, looking down at tables

Enjoy the view of the people below you.

Be Nice to People You’re Trying to Do Over

Friendly stickman

Theologians the world over may have discussed if David’s actions within 2 Samuel 11:12-15, was the reason why the phrase “two faced” was invented.

When all else fails: Cover Up What you’ve Done.


image from

When all else fails.
Cover it up.
If the X Files taught us anything, its that a simple cover up stays simple… and never gets complicated…

But Dont Worry. You’re Better Then All This Anyway.

Its ok.

We never do anything wrong anyway do we?


Based on 2 Samuel 11 – 12