A Fresh Worship Idea?

Worship Leaders!

Are you looking for a new idea for Sunday mornings?

Are you looking for a fresh way to guide Gods people in worship?

Are you ready to Rock? for The Rock?*

Tim Hawkins has an idea… (and if you try it, I’d love to see a video of it being tried on an unsuspecting church congregation)



Things NOT to think about when worshipping

We’re told that when we worship God, we should worship in spirit and truth. Indeed, in some worship settings we’re also told to raise our hands, shout, scream, link hands with each other, jig, and so on.  While we sometimes have worship leaders there helping us focus and think on the things, sometimes our minds do wonder.

Do NOT under any circumstances think about these things during worship time. 

  1. Are my hands high enough?
  2. How long should I be standing up for until its ok to sit down?
  3. I’m I bouncing enough? (Or “I’m I to old to be bouncing this much”)
  4. I’m I singing in tune enough?
  5. I’m I changing my position to show my emotion at different points?
  6. Do I have my eyes closed enough? Or should they be open? Has everyone gone and left me to it?
  7. Should I have not sung along to the guitar solo? Was the air guitar too much?
  8. Is the blood running out of my hands? Can I lower them yet?
  9. I’m I mistaken or did I just sing the wrong words? Again.
  10. How faint should I feel before I sit down?

Anything else people shouldn’t think about?

What to look for in a new Church?

Looking for a new church

Everything on this earth changes. TV Shows end, The Doctor regenerates, and pizza gets eaten. On a similar note, you may not stay at your church forever. One day, you may well find yourself looking for a different church to worship at.

The reasons why you’re looking for a new church may vary, perhaps there were theological differences about the arrangement of the chairs? Maybe you were put off by the new lady preacher? Or maybe… you either just fancy a change / ‘called’ to a different church / moved to a different area.

Whatever your reason, here are 10 things to look out for in a new Church:

  1. Does the Church meet at a reasonable time on a Sunday morning?
  2. Obviously your new church must be exactly like the Church in Ephesians Chapter 4.
  3. Make sure the preacher agrees with your understanding of the Bible.
  4. Ensure the worship music is YOUR style of music.
  5. Is it a mature Church?
  6. Does this church have the correct understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit and how that work is manifested?
  7. Is the truth spoken by people “in love”?
  8. Is the coffee drinkable?
  9. The minister is someone who is charismatic, sensitive, clever, musically gifted, open to questions, a natural charismatic, time for everyone, always smiling, and driving the growth of the church.
  10. Remember. Looking for a church exactly the same as your old church is ridiculous. No one can clone that many people at an affordable price. Yet.

Any other ideas?

Where Christians Go On Holiday?

Welcome to the Summer! Do you have any plans for your summer holiday? If not, and if you’re still working on your holiday plans, have you stopped and prayed about where you should go on holiday as a Christian?

Have you wondered where Christians go on holiday?

Go Christian camping…

Go and Christian camp at one of the (feels like) many Christian festivals.

Hint. The easiest time to grab a shower is during the worship times.

Take a Christian Cruise…

Possibly a Jesus Freak Cruise?

(This might not be the official DC Talk video advertising the Jesus Freak Cruise)

Take a Pilgrimage

Why don’t you take a religious journey somewhere religious? Popular places include, the Holy Lands, The Vatican, Old Trafford, and Graceland.

Go to a Christian Theme Park?


Instead of going to The Holy Lands, travel to The Holy Land Experience instead!

Check out Heaven!

exeter, Devon


Ok. So this is Devon… but it rhymes with Heaven so it has to be close…


Where would you suggest for a Christian Holiday?