We’ve Had A Few Changes…

church Sofa

churchSofaWell, we’ve given this place a quick lick of paint, moved a few things around, cleared stuff away from the back of sofa, got the hoover out… that sort of thing…

We’ve used the latest version of Standard Theme to upgrade some behind the scenes bits and pieces, and clean up the side bar a little.

If you find anything broken, please feel free to let us know either via a comment below / the contact form above.


How to Update Twitter from WordPress

Sorry for the techie post, but I wondered if one or two people out there may find this useful.

If you’re looking for a nice easy way to push blog updates from WordPress to your Twitter account, I would suggest you give Twitterfeed.com a try. Its so simple, theres not much to write in a “how to”.

The only thing you need to watch out for, is that you need your blogs RSS feed. This can be found normally by clicking on the RSS link on your blog page, or try going to www.yourblogaddress.com/feed .

The downside is that your blog doesn’t update twitter automatically, but it can be set to check for fresh updates every 30 minutes.