10 Things to remember when preparing a Wedding.


As with any year, this year is going to share its own fair share of challenges and big events. One of the big events for you, may be that either you or someone you know is getting married. If you’re getting married – Congratulations! If you’re helping with someone getting married – this is for you. Collected from a number of “interesting” weddings, here is a list of a few things that need to be remembered when planning a wedding.

  1. You’re not going to get it all right.
  2. People love it when you choose a really obscure wedding service venue, followed by a really obscure venue for your reception.
  3. People love it when they go to a wedding service and hear all new songs! So choose the most obscure songs you know!
  4. Think twice before suggesting a wild dress code, and remember: Naked wedding services are never OK!
  5. Remember to actually hire a church… and get people to play the music – if you want music.
  6. Wedding Cake! Everyone loves Wedding Cake. Get plenty of Wedding Cake!
  7. Don’t worry about remembering about where the wedding rings are. Someone will remember where they end up.
  8. When planning a seating plan, always think about what the most entertaining arrangement would be.
  9. Get the best man to recreate that Best Mans speech from Sherlock.
  10. You’re going to upset at least someone, so make a list of people you know, and ensure you upset at least one person a day until you get married. That way you can make sure you upset everyone in equal measure.

Any more handy hints?

Carried Away By The Emotion of Her Wedding Day

Today, the Church Sofa lads celebrate the wedding of “This Andy” to “Mrs This” (The name of “Mrs Sofa has already been taken…). As a way of celebration I’m going to share this clip of a young lady, carried away by the emotion of her wedding day:

I’m presuming today wont include anything like this.

Inappropriate Wedding Songs

For those who dont know, “ThisAndy” is getting married this summer.

Personally I’m hoping he needs some help with choosing some songs for the wedding day, as I’m sure I would be able to use this as inspiration for any help given: