The Weekly RoundUp: The Vegetable Market Edition

Its Saturday.

Here’s some weekend reading to ease you into the weekend:

  • David Kerrigan looks at the whole idea of having a calling to do something, and what does Gods plan look like anyway?
  • Remember the BigBible? There are some exciting changes coming
  • The 21CN Christian ponders if we are too nice
  • In case you missed it at the beginning of the week, the Guardian Newspaper presents an amazing video showing looking at faith, church, and the ‘Big Society’ in action…
  • Do you run a youthclub? Work with young people? Work with people? How do you remember peoples names? Dave Walker has some suggestions…
  • Ever wondered how close a vegetable market can get to a train track?
  • And finally… It looks like the guys at Westboro Baptist are planning to picket Mars Hill, the church where Mark Driscoll is based at. Now I have to admit, I’m not a fan of old Marky boy (heres one example), but I love his blog post about the planned picketing. He some how manages to balance being cheeky with being informative, and welcoming.  Nice one. Now can I get a donut?

A Request For Help…

Prayer from Granger Community Church on Vimeo.


Quick request for you all…

One way we’ve found of doing the God slot / talkie bit at youth club is using video in some shape or form as an illustration. Two examples being above and below. We have also used the Soul Trailer to try and provoke discussion.

So is there anyone out there who can recommend other quick videos like these which we can use?