Looking for a Christian Valentines Day Present?


Valentines Day is approaching. Soon.

Do you need to get someone in your life a Valentines Day present?

Do they like Teddy Bears?

Do they need encouragement to think about Jesus? (Perhaps that should be all of us.)

How about the Jesus Be My Valentine Teddy Bear?

Find it over at Amazon.  (affiliate link)

Happy Valentines Day

A Valentine From Jesus:

I love you.
You are mine.
Your name is written upon My heart.
Your prayers are precious to Me.
Your life is in My hands.
I am always with you.
I am nearer to you than your own heart.
I gave My life so that you
might live forever with Me.

All I ask in return is your love.
Be My Valentine,
~ Jesus ~

Found over at mamarocks.com

More stuff like this can be found at lillyofthevalleyva.com

A Valentine’s Day Something…

I don’t normally like posting multiple youtube type videos, but Tim Hawkins is funnier then me ranting about the Hallmark Holiday known as Valentine’s Day…

The Church Sofa Lads had nothing to do with putting this together by the way… in other words please dont blame us for the cheesy titles…