Topics To Avoid Talking About At Church This Week (USA Edition)

America, welcome to (hopefully) the end of your election season. When you next rock up to church this Sunday, the question of who will be the next President of America will be resolved. We all know either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next President, and we all know that someone at your church will have wanted the other one to win.

There may be a few people at church that could get upset this week if the wrong thing is said, to assist in avoiding accidental upset, Sofa has created this list of things NOT to talk about at Church this week.


It should fit in your wallet, so feel free to print off and take the above card with you!

Any other ideas?

Pat Robertson defends Trump: Bragging about groping women is ‘macho’

It looks like the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson has said on his show that Donald Trump’s talk of sexual assault, was Donald Trump “trying to look like he’s macho”.

Now I cant claim to be an expert in what “macho” really looks like, but I’m fairly certain that it isn’t talking about grabbing women by their genitals.

I do not understand how Donald Trump still appears to have the general support of the American Evangelical vote, from the other side of the pond, a Christian vote for Trump appears to be more connected to political ideals then the words of Jesus.

Please feel free to explain to me how and why Christians vote for Trump, because I simply don’t get it.

When Donald Trump talks to Jesus?

A little harsh, or about right?

Either way, it looks like the “anti Trump” sentiment is growing around the world, (this cartoon is from New Zealand). I wonder what the international sentiment will be towards America if Trump does become President?

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