What can we learn from The Hobbit?



Well a week ago, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was finally released on DVD / Blueray, giving myself and Mrs Sofa a chance to catch up with the rest of the movie watching crowd, and give it a watch.

To celebrate finally being given the chance to watch Peter Jacksons new epic, here are ten lessons we could learn from watching The Hobbit.

  1. Look out for signs of being settled.
  2. Be ready for adventure.
  3. Remember; value character over skills as a warrior.
  4. Be there for people who don’t have a home.
  5. It’s easy to doubt the little people.
  6. Remember; apologize for your doubt about people.
  7. Be warned, dwarves eat lots. But at least they clean up after themselves.
  8. Love eagles.
  9. Be prepared for your White Orc to return.
  10. Always remember where you left your wizard.

Any more out there?

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