The “Burn The Heathens”* Checklist

So. The Huffington Post have published the follow this evening: Bristol University’s Christian Union Bans Women From Speaking At Meetings, which includes the following:

The Huffington Post UK has seen the email sent out by president Matt Oliver to all BUCU members which said: “It is ok for women to teach in any CU setting… However we understand that this is a difficult issue for some and so decided that women would not teach on their own at our weekly CU meetings, as the main speaker on our Bristol CU weekend away, or as our main speaker for mission weeks.

“But a husband and wife can teach together in these.”

In the light of a few of the debates, and upset that has erupted, I’d like to offer the following checklist, of equipment and attitudes, to anyone thinking about staying in and “Burning The Heathens*” via Twitter / Facebook.

  1. Pitchfork (Sharpened)
  2. Axes
  3. Burning torches
  4. Bible Teaching from someone you agree with.
  5. Lack of patience.
  6. Lack of willingness to discuss.
  7. Don’t ask why
  8. Fuel for the fire.
  9. Don’t check if this happening elsewhere.
  10. Acceptance.

With thanks to @SeanUSX for the inspiration.

Please remember this list can be useful for any time we need to go out and burn people*.

Interested in the Bristol CU situation? Here is some further reading:

*No one involved with The Church Sofa website supports the idea of actually burning people. Thats not nice, and you would deserve the full force of the law on you if you were to do sometime like that.