Do you use deodorant on a Sunday?


According to research, people are getting smellier as seven percent of young men have stopped using deodorant at least once a week.

What if the day that young men dont use deodorant happens to be on a Sunday? What if they raise their hands during worship?

Maybe there should be a campaign to remind people to put deodorant on before they go to church?

Debate Tuesday: Working on a Sunday.

Another quick question this week.

Partly inspired by a conversation I had years ago in a pub.

Working on a Sunday. Are you ok with it? Or do you disagree with it?

If you disagree with it, how do you feel about people who do work on Sundays? 

Should Sunday be kept special?

Weekly Round Up: The Beer at Church edition

Here’s this weeks round up:

  • Jon Butler wonders why we crave certain objects and positions.
  • Nick Welford at CVMen looks at Selective Thinking
  • Randy Elrod looks at one way to gain self confidence.
  • Vic The Vicar and The Vernacular Curate declares today to be “Mrs Vicarage Sunday”
  • The eChurch Blog looks at a survey which basically asks “Do you think it legitmate for the media to report clergy adultery?”
  • And finally… Tony Campolo looks at a great outreach idea – I want to check out this church in question!!!

Are You Religious?

I love this from ASBOJesus:

I dont just duck it, I dive and jump away from it. I get my head down and run away from that question. Quite simply because I dont think I know what it really means. In my mind at least, it means that I go to Church every Sunday, and follow a bunch of rules about what I should and shouldn’t do.

I like to think its more about a relationship with God then anything else.

Maybe one day I’ll stop the ducking and diving, and actually answer the above question.

If you answer it, how do you answer “Are you Religious?”