Creepy Sunday School Video of The Week

Scene: A Brain Storming Meeting.

Person 1: “Lets do a video on Obedience”

Person 2: “Thats a kinda serious subject, how do we make it more fun?”

Person 1: ” Puppets. Puppets make everything joyful, You’ve seen The Muppets right? They’re fun. This will be like the Muppets.”

How it works out…

The Friendly Atheist has done some digging on who the church leader is behind, and it doesn’t make it less creepy.

Sunday School Craft. What Do You Do With It?

Sunday School Craft. Its great. Its a great way for kids to engage with the message in a hands on way, but. What do you do with the craft that your little one has brought out of Sunday school?

Heres a guide for what to do with your Sunday School craft. 

What do you do with the “art work” you receive? 

Post Sunday Childrens Group Conversation

Kids in Church

Little Sofa had her first Sunday at a Childrens group which wasn’t creche today. In an attempt to engage her in conversation about it, Mrs Sofa asked her about a puppet that we believe might be Jesus.

Mrs Sofa: “Did Jesus go and see all the people?”

Little Sofa: (Very firm) “No”

Mrs Sofa: “Did Jesus sit down and eat a sandwich?”

Little Sofa: *Thinks for a moment* Yeah…