Weird Jesus Paintings

Jesus Painting

Sometimes. I find Jesus – things online that amuse a little.

I found myself over at who had managed to amass a collection of Jesus paintings… that are… a little different…

First there is “Sorry I forgot my suit Jesus”:

Jesus Painting

Then there is “creepy watching you sleep Jesus”:


Also there is…

Actually no…

I’m not going to publish THAT one here.

Theres just no clean polite way of describing it.

Make your way over to to check it out.

Religious Alarm Clocks

Inspired by a tweet from @TheAlethiophile which featured an Islamic alarm clock, I wondered what other religious alarm clocks could look like:

Jewish Alarm Clock

Jewish Alarm Clock

Found on ebay.

Hindu Alarm Clock

Hindu Alarm Clock
Found on iTunes App Store.

Islamic call to prayer alarm clock.

Jesus Alarm Clock.


If you’re going camping this bank holiday weekend, maybe you should bring one of these with you?