America’s Hate Preachers BBC Documentary

A little bit of viewing pleasure for those who are a “fan” of Pastor Steven Anderson and his style of preaching. The BBC went out last year and put together a documentary about hate preaching in America.


Watch it for such joyful quotes such as:

Sinners that need saving from their liberal politics


Alot of Christians dont understand confrontational evangelism, because they don’t understand the nature of Jesus Christ.

And the slightly ominous observation from the documentary maker…

(They) Feel their views are under threat… the prosecuted they feel the stronger their convictions grow.

This is Pastor Steven Andersons comments about the BBC Hate Preacher documentary after it was broadcast…

While its easy for us Brits to talk about “Americas Hate Preachers”, I wonder if we see similar things but in slightly different form?

“Mark” of the Beast in the NIV Bible

According to this guys Youtube page:

The Book of Mark in the King James Bible has 678 verses.

The Book of “Mark” in the NIV (New International Version) has 666 verses!

The NIV’s book of “Mark” contains the “mark” of the Beast 666! This proves who is behind these modern, phoney, satanic perversions of the Bible.

I hope this guy never comes across “The Bloke’s Bible“, or even the The Brick Bible.