Spring Harvest Online

Well here’s something.

Due to Coronavirus (a side note – can we just call it “The Virus” from now on? Sounds cooler…). Spring Harvest have moved a load of this years content on Youtube. Which, whilst Sofa hasn’t been to Spring Harvest himself, can imagine it… isn’t the same as being there.

Sofa has heard of a family who, in order to try and recreate the Christian Festival experience has moved into their caravan in the driveway during the official festival week

James Dell one of the family has explained:

To make it feel more like being away we thought it would be fun if we stayed in our caravan on the lawn outside our house and use rooms in the house for the study groups but I’m not quite sure how we will imitate the big top. Maybe we’ll pitch a wigwam in the garden.”

While Sofa wishes the Dell family well, he would also like to suggest the following to really try and imitate the experience.

  • The first person who uses the shower in the morning, stays in the shower. All morning.
  • Early morning acoustic guitar playing the garden. Every morning.
  • Dig out a Spring Harvest live CD. Play it loud. In the garden.
  • Only order Christian things from Amazon that week.
  • Dont have any new wine. Thats the wrong festival.

Any other tips you would pass on?

What price is you and your families spiritual growth?

The other day, I overheard a conversation about Christian festivals in the UK, and how much it costs to go to one in particular. In defence, someone asked the question: “What price is you and your families spiritual growth?

I figured I should do some research to find out, at what price does spiritual growth indeed cost?* (Based on 2 adults and a toddler)

What is the Price of Spiritual Growth?

Now this is all a little approximate, as some of the above festivals do offer cheaper ways to get tickets. Others – particularly towards the more pricey end of the spectrum do also offer a number of more expensive options as well.

I’ve not factored in other costs involved like petrol, food, emotional, alcohol, etc… But all the above does include accommodation for the duration of the festival. 

Its also worth noting that lower cost doesn’t equal lack of “big names”.

Anyone out there fancy taking a stab at what we can learn from all this?

*This is obviously all presuming that spiritual growth does indeed only happen at Christian Festivals.