When Jesus Joins The Santa Run

Have you got a Santa Run near you?

The thing where people dress up as Santa, and go for a run. (Typing it up, I cant help but wonder why people would do that but anyway…)

I mean why dress up as Santa on a Santa run when you could run as Jesus on a Cross…

Wouldn’t dressing up as an Angel, Shepherd, Mary, or a Baby in a Manger be a bit more Christmassy?

(Found over at Christian Nightmares and The Jesus Question)

Santa and Jesus, A Comparison.

May I present, not one. But two comparisons between Jesus, and Santa Claus.

The first is this little video…

The second is this very serious Bible study*. Which looks at a number of comparisons… for example, I never knew that God said “…Ho, Ho…”

On that note, does anyone know the Bible Verse about Jesus wearing crimson red? I remember coming up with a biblically based reason why Santa was red**… but I kinda need that Bible verse to be able to talk about it…

*One or two verses may be a little out of context.

** Plot Twist. Its not very Biblical.

Who Rules Christmas?


Have you ever wondered, “Who rules Christmas? Santa or Jesus?”

Well it seems there’s a board game to help people debate that question.

The page on Amazon doesn’t seem to give many clues about what the game actually involves, apart from the following “Can your team work together to save a group of North Korean’s imprisoned for illegally singing Christmas Carols? Guess the punchlines to awful Christmas jokes in the new quiz show ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little QuizMas’? Or will you land a role in the new Christian rom-com ‘There’s Something About The Virgin Mary?’ There is only one way to find out.”


Either way, I think I would personally prefer chocolate, or cider.. or something…

If you like it, you can get more information about it from Amazon.




YOU Can Be Santa!


Well you can be like Santa, in that you can have a Santa outfit, and climb down buildings*.

YMCA Exeter is inviting you to abseil 80 foot dressed as Santa, to help transform the lives of homeless young people in Devon.

Where? Princesshay Car Park, Exeter

When? Saturday 6th December 2014

Who? This event is open to anyone over the age of 12. Those under 18 will need to have a parent/guardian accompany them to the event. Unfortunately pregnant women are not able to abseil.

Cost?: £15. This covers the abseil and administration costs.

Group Discount £72 per group of 6. To register as a group we require a team leader to complete the online form and we will then contact them with everything else they need to know.

Registration closes on Friday 28th November.

For more details see www.santaabseil.org.uk

*If you want to give out presents thats up to you and your pocket…