The National Prayer Breakfast

Have you come across The National Prayer Breakfast in America? If you’re not sure, Wikipedia describes it as:

It is hosted by members of the United States Congress and is organized on their behalf by The Fellowship Foundation, a Christian organization. It is designed to be a forum for the political, social, and business elite to assemble and pray together.

Baring the above in mind, Jimmy Kimmel has shown a comparison between Donald Trump, and President Obama at the Prayer Breakfast…

Subtle difference…

The Church Sofa Awards 2017

Welcome to the eighth (EIGHTH!) edition of The Church Sofa Awards.

This is where we celebrate the best and sometimes worse moments of 2016, featured both on this blog and around the internet. Obviously the standard rules apply, no actual awards will be given out or harmed during these proceedings.

Before we move onto the awards, quick question. Does blogging through eight different festive seasons make The Church Sofa an old dusty seat in the lounge of UK Church Blogs? 

Anyway, I’ll try and avoid outwardly pondering my blogging mortality and get on with the The Church Sofa Awards:

The first award is…

Church Notice Board of The Year:  Well…

Its almost as if people can imagine how much people who walk on Lego need to be prayed for…


Twitter Hero of The Year:  I realise its a cheat.

I know its not part of Church Twitter.

But whoever is the team behind @CBeebiesHQ – well they are brilliant.

If you’ve got kids who watch CBeebies, give @CBeebiesHQ a follow. You wont regret it.

Most useful Church Sofa List: It looks like people like having ideas of ways to misbehave in church.

The Greatest Regret from 2017:  Last years awards include the following:

Last year I wrote, “Sofa does try and educate people about Church and Churchy things through the form of lists. This years most popular list seems to be A Reminder of What Is Not in The BibleI still sometimes ponder writing more about what isn’t in the Bible….” I still have the same ponder, and I’ve still done nothing about it. Sad how quick a year can pass isn’t it?

The thing is, the argument that something isn’t in the bible still seems to be coming up every now and then, and when it does I remember the above pondering.

Related to this, my post-it note stack of ideas still have some which are very half finished. Perhaps I should crack on with those post-it notes.

Or perhaps I should manage my time a little differently?

How about you?

Unfortunate Church Name of The Year:

Silly Song of The Year:

Oh where… oh where is my hairbrush?

Hero of The World.*

Normally I make a joke here.

Previous Heroes have included the bright lights of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, and K2SO from Star Wars.

But thats starting to feel depressing.

So I’m going to name Barack Obama The Church Sofa Hero of The World in 2017, for continuing being his smooth self.

Also for being one half of some the best memes out there…

*This is a joke. Please dont hate me… Actually please dont most of the above seriously.

What do you reckon? Are then any awards which we should have included??

Any awards that should have been different?

Any thing that we’ve missed out?

Anything you’d like to see next year on The Church Sofa?

Donald Trump – Saying Merry Christmas… Again?

Donald-Trump-We're going to start saying Merry Christmas again.

A couple of days ago, Donald Trump updated his Twitter account with the following

The sight of Donald Trump wishing people Merry Christmas, can be argued to be a throwback to his campaign trail, where he talked about making it OK for people to say “Merry Christmas again”.

Almost like no one in The White House has ever said “Merry Christmas” before…


At what point did America stop saying Merry Christmas, and what did America say before Donald Trump became in charge?


It seems that Donald Trump is “bringing Christmas back.”


Where did Christmas go, and how did Donald Trump know where to look for it?


President Obama leads crowd in rendition of “Amazing Grace” 

While giving a eulogy for one of the victims of last weeks Charleston shootings in America,  President Obama has led the gathered crowd in a rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

From the Huffington Post:

At the end of his impassioned eulogy for Pinckney, one of the nine people shot and killed at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last week, Obama broke into the hymn.

“If we can find that grace, anything is possible. If we can tap that grace, everything could change. Amazing grace,” he said before beginning to sing.

Read more at The Huffington Post.

Oh and a quick note to our cousins across the pond…


In case you were wondering. This is indeed more evidence that President Obama is cooler then David Cameron.