A Christian Guide to Secret Santa Gifts

Hey! Its Christmas! Well its nearly Christmas, and over the coming weeks there will be all the Christmas things that this time of year brings. Is one of these things for you, Secret Santa? What would make the perfect Christian Secret Santa gift?

The rule is it has to be cheap… and they have to be very Christian…

Here’s what The Sofa found for a guide to Christian Secret Santa gifts – affiliate links are contained in the below post.

The Christian Secret Santa Gift Guide


The Jesus Will Die For Me Notebook.

Perfect for people who want a notebook that looks a bit like a Bible, but also want to say that Jesus loves them.

Found on Amazon

The Hopeful Bible Mug

Encourage someone to have coffee and Biblical hope. Afterall, “coffee hope” doesn’t last on its own.

Amazon Link.

A Stocking filler!

Seriously. The product calls this a stocking filler. How much more Santa can you get??

Read it for yourself on Amazon.

Creepy Holy Family Decoration.

I may have seen more then enough Doctor Who episodes, but does anyone else find this “Holy Family Hanging Ornament” kinda… creepy?

I mean… they have no faces…

With apologies to Mrs Sofa for including this. (She’s a fan, and thinks I’m weird for being creeped out by them)

Get your own creepy family. They are quite cheap.

An Amazon voucher.

Just get your Secret Santa person an amazon voucher.

It doesn’t need to be for much. It could just be for 99p.

They could buy themselves this book for the Kindle.

And thats just a sample!

What cheap Christian gift would you give someone?

Not like I’m looking for any ideas or anything…

Something For The Vicar In Your Life?

We’ve looked at a few Christmas presents over the last week for the different people in our lives. What about our local Vicar / Priest / Minister / Other Person with Dog Collar ? Well, its Christmas, and ministers are busy people at the moment, with Carol Services, Sunday Services, Special Assemblies, Random Christmas Gatherings, and Carol Services to get to. (I realise I said Carol Services twice, but I figured there are so many going on, it was worth mentioning twice). Help your minister get to every event he needs to, by buying them a spare minister “Inflatable Priest“.

This way they can have a spare vicar figure at hand if they need to send a replacement at short notice*.

Try this “Inflatable Priest“(Amazon Link) and you never need to worry about booking a vicar ever again!*

Inflatable Vicar Priest - Perfect Christmas gift for Churches

* Obviously you’re hoping that people cant tell the difference between their vicar, and a big balloon.

Something For The Doll Fan In Your Life?

Are you looking for a Christmas gift to give your daughter / sister / niece / brother / local generic doll collector ?

How about this Virgin Mary Doll?


If you happen to be interested… it seems that “medalla milagrosa” means “Miraculous Medal”, from what I gather this doll has something to do with The Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. But I’m happy to be proved wrong.

Doll found by @CofNCG on Twitter.