The unknown Dangers Preachers Face.

It is one of the unwritten rules of a Sunday Church Service. At some point a preacher will stand up to preach a sermon. At this point things get flexible, the person preaching could be male, female, dog collared, cat collared, but either way there is normally a preacher giving a sermon in church during a Sunday Service.

This preacher faces a number of dangers, every time a sermon is preached:

  1. Someone in the congregation seeing if your phone is on silent.
  2. That glass of water on the floor. Watch your feet.
  3. Wearing the wrong thing will create offence to someone. Don’t wear a shirt and tie… There will be complaints… Wear a shirt and tie, the people not used to you in a tie might giggle at you…
  4. That guy standing at the back, subtly doing the “your fly is low” action.
  5. The edge of the stage.
  6. The potential for complications with technology (e.g. microphone, powerpoint).
  7. Notes jumping on to the floor of their own according and scattering.
  8. Realising you’ve forgotten a page of your sermon notes.
  9. The gentle cough you had this morning, returning with a vengeance, at a crucial moment.
  10. A slip of the tongue…


Any others that should be mentioned?

Groups of People Found in Church

Church. Its meant to be a family, but if its a family, then there are many different groups found there. Almost how there were many different groups in your High School. I wondered around my church last Sunday and found the following 10 Groups of People in Church. Here is, who they are, and what they do:

  1. First timers / Kinda New People. These are the people who get offered the nice snacks first, get invited out for food, and have chatty people come and talk to them most Sundays. A useful group to be in.
  2. Hospital People. If you find a way to abuse the above to much, then the warden may put you in this group of people….
  3. Worship Leading People. Can normally sing.
  4. Visiting Preaching People. Not normally sure how long a sermon is meant to last.
  5. Childrens Group People. Can normally be found waiting for the Visiting Preaching People to finish.
  6. Useful People. Cant normally be found as they’re busy being useful. The disadvantage is that they are always really busy, and have things to do, their advantage is that they avoid…
  7. List People. They have lists. The lists need to have peoples names on them, such as, who’s going to do the Bible reading, or who’s bringing what to the next Church meal / potluck.
  8. Outgoing Happy People. Mostly popular with “List People”, as the “Outgoing Happy People”, are normally happy to read confidently in front of people, knock on strangers doors, etc. Also known as “Good Christian People”.
  9. Natural Evangelist People. Most happy to knock on strangers doors in the evening.
  10. Young People. Been told to NEVER knock on anyones doors.

Any that I’ve missed?

Things To Do For God. #Digidisiple

If there’s one thing that jumps out of my memories of Old Testament lessons from Sunday School, its that Solomon built one heck of a decent temple. Why? Well the message version of 1 Kings chapter 5 puts it simple enough, “Build a temple in honor of God, my God, following the promise that God gave to David my father, namely, ‘Your son whom I will provide to succeed you as king, he will build a house in my honor“.

I guess the obvious thing to think about here then, is what do we do to honor God in our lives?

Well take a seat, maybe listen to History Maker by Delirious, and check out our things to do for God..

1. Build a Temple.


Get some wood, and other building materials together, and get building.

Oh and don’t forget the planning permission.

2. Lead Worship at Church.


If the above fails, then learn to play the guitar. The church loves people who can lead huge crowds of people in worship.

3. Speak Out for God!


Good with the words? Clear public speaker? Consider asking if you could join the preaching team?


Cant play music? Not great at speaking in front of people?

You could be THAT person that goes to every church event that you can go to!

You could even try smiling as much as the lady above.

5. Maybe… consider being nicer…

Its winter. Its all abit darker outside.

With Christmas approaching, and money running out, everyone both online and offline seems to be getting a little stressed.

Remember. If someone tweets something you dont really like, you dont have to reply straight away.

And if you really have a problem… maybe… take it up via Direct Messages or something?

6. Live Your Life.

If all else fails. Live your life.

Enough said?

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