What can the Church learn from Doctor Who?

In case you haven’t picked it up. I am a massive Doctor Who fan, and the new series of Doctor Who is returning really very soon! But as this a Church blog, I’m going to ask the serious Church related question, what can the Church learn from Doctor Who?

Please bear in mind that these are lessons from Doctor Who. Any problem with the content of these lessons? Take it up with The Shadow Proclamation.

Warning. There maybe monsters ahead.

Break The Rules.

Cool things can happen…

Fear. Can be Ok.

People in Church complaining?

Use a Gargoyle to dispose of the ring leader!

Faith Helps…

…particularly when dealing with monsters.

Remember Friendship


With thanks to @Guin33

Look at the Light

And people can be changed.

Exterminate those you disagree with.

Change people… like cybermen?

…But change can be ok.

And it can be beautiful…

…very beautiful…. (Might be having a fan boy moment there)

Any other ideas out there?

(I dont often do this, but there is a Part 2 to this post, that can be found here)