Church Sofa A – Z Guide To Church – Apocrypha

Carrying on the A – Z guide to Church series with “Apocrypha”

Apocrypha: One of those long complicated words that you don’t often hear often. Possibly because its a long complicated word. It’s also a type of Biblical book, of which Revelations seems to be the only polite example. People also like to avoid talking about Revelations, not because its complicated, but because it reads more like Sci-Fi book then anything else.

And let’s face it. Who wants to talk about SciFi in Church? Before you know it, people might be coming to Sunday services dressed in their best Doctor Who or Star Trek costume. And then where will we be?

(There are other examples of the Apocrypha in some random versions of the Bible, but you’ll need to speak to someone more clever then myself if you’re interested in them. Or you could just look it up on Wikipedia)

Shhh…. Can You hear The Silence?

With thanks to Lucy for sending me this story that I missed back in October:

Sussex church releases ‘silence’ on CD

St Peter's Church, East Blatchington

“Silence” has been recorded on to a CD and released by an East Sussex church to raise its profile and generate funds for the building.

Members of St Peter’s Church, East Blatchington, have sold their first copies at an open day, and taken orders for more.

The recording of the church’s atmosphere includes the ambient sounds of voices, footsteps and occasional background traffic noise.

Church technician Robin Yarnton said: “Mostly people have said it’s nice and they like it, and that it’s quiet and peaceful.

“It does what it says on the tin. Silence is all you get.”

Read More on BBC News.

Are there any churches you’d like to hear silence from?