Tell Me Something Happy?

I was going to write a deep and meaningful response to the news from Manchester this week, but I’m out of words.

So therefore, I’m not going to write anything, besides, there is probably a better writer out there, that has written about Manchester far more beautifully than I could.

Therefore, I’m going to do something a little different, and kinda scary.

I’m going to ask you to leave a comment. 

Tell me something happy,

tell me about something that has made you smile recently,

tell me about something that gives you hope.

Tell me some good news. 

This could be something seemingly small, and not massively noteworthy, but if it seemed good to you, I want you to share it below. It might be a link to some good and positive news in the world.

Help me see something to smile about in the world.

Help other people smile.

Help others see some hope, love, and positivity.

Tell me something something happy. 


Some Conversation Starters For Church This Weekend.

Ok. Lets face it, its been an “interesting” week here in Britain, with slightly over half the population* voting to leave the EU… Obviously this leaves just under half the population* wondering what the other half were thinking.

Now for Christians going to Church tomorrow, this means we need to at least attempt to put things to one side, and come together as a family in Christ. While trying not to fight over the result**.

To help with this, let me introduce you to The Non EU Referendum Conversation Starter Card. Feel free to print this out, and take it with you to Church, and use it to help you decide what to talk about… without upsetting anyone***.

Conversation Card

* …that voted.

** like a normal family might.

*** Possibly. Sofa cant be held responsible for any negative outcomes from using this conversation starter card. Positive ones… we can. Negative… Big no….


Church Notice Board of The Week

Honest Church Notice Board

I’m not sure how long I’ve been posting Church Boards, but I know this is the first time I’ve purposely repeated one, twice in two weeks.

There’s just something about this one…

Maybe its a reminder for myself.

It might be a reminder for everyone to behave after the result of the EU Referendum.

Maybe its something about how some corners of the internet have reacted to the shootings in Orlando.

Possibly its something about the murder of the MP Jo Cox.

It could be something about my general feeling about the state of the world, and my lack of action in the face of it all.

Not sure what it is.

But this felt worthwhile repeating.

God verses Gays? (Or something…)

Have you seen that movie, The Man That Sued God?

Well, I guess this is sort of the opposite. (Except less funny)

According to The Metro, a woman from Nebraska, America, decided to try represent God in court and sue all homosexual people…

From The Metro:

Sylvia Ann Driskell had her case thrown out by a court in Nebraska when she asked it to decide once and for all whether homosexuality was a sin.

In his summary, Judge John Gerrard said: ‘This court is not the place to seek opinions regarding theological matters; this particular forum is closed and the case will be dismissed.’

He also said: ‘To the extent that she asks for anything from the court, it is a declaration that homosexuality is sinful – a question that the court cannot answer. The court may decide what is lawful, not what is sinful’.

See The Metro to see the claim she filed at the court.

Well at least she wasn’t holding Westboro Baptist style signs all over the place I guess.

Any suggestions on anything better that Sylvia could have done with her time?


Rev Paul Williamson, A Reminder of What Is Not Found in The Bible

Rev Paul Williamson has made a last ditch attempt to halt the consecration of the Church of England’s first female bishop, by shouting during Rev Libby Lane’s ordination: “A female bishop is not found in the Bible”.

Here is Rev Paul Williamson thoughts about women bishops on Sky News.

Well, Sofa would like to remind Rev Paul Williamson of a few other things that aren’t in the Bible:

  1. Dog Collars! Get that thing off your neck!
  2. The “Arch” Deacon.
  3. A Whale swallowing up Jonah.
  4. Nuns… and Monks
  5. Three Kings.
  6. Non alcoholic communion wine.
  7. English people.
  8. A Donkey taking Mary to Bethlehem.
  9. Massive churches to be “filled”.
  10. The Church of England…

Some of these are presumptions, so please feel free to school me on any of the above.

Please feel free to add to the above list below:

When is a table not a table?

The telegraph report into the question of When is a table not a table”:

For many Christians, the altar is the most sacred part of any church.

Covered with a white cloth, it is the holy place where worshippers kneel to receive Communion and feel closer to God. However instead of the body and blood of Christ, one church group has applied to use their blessed altar to serve tea, biscuits and orange squash. Worshippers at the St Michael and All Angels Church in Uffington, Lincolnshire, wanted their oak altar to double up as a place to “serve refreshments”.

But Mark Bishop, chancellor for Lincoln, and a judge of the Church of England’s Consistory Court, decided the altar could only be used for worship, not to serve snacks. Ruling that “an interchangeable use for the altar” was certainly not acceptable, he said a “decent table of wood, stone or other suitable material” should be provided in every church or chapel for celebration of Holy Communion.

He added: “The table, as becomes the table of Lord, shall be kept in a sufficient and seemly manner, and from time to time repaired, and shall be covered in the time of Divine Service with a covering of silk or other decent stuff, and with a fair white linen cloth at the time of the celebration of the Holy Communion.

“It would be completely inappropriate for an altar to be used occasionally for the celebration of Holy Communion, but more frequently ‘for the service of refreshments’.

“The obligation of the Churchwardens is to ensure that the Lord’s Table is kept in a ‘sufficient and seemly manner’ and I am quite satisfied that what is proposed does not amount to that.”

Read the article over at The Telegraph.

If you are on the look our for tables to use in church, I would suggest checking out

Because Boys have to dress like Boys?

Well, heres a little something from yahoo news:

Five-year-old Romeo Clarke has been banned from a church-run after school club – because he insists on wearing princess dresses.

The youngster has a collection of 100 dresses and eight pairs of girls’ high heels which he likes to wear
every day.

But he was booted out of an after school club at his local church after organisers accused him of ‘confusing’ the other children with his choice of clothes.

Furious mum Georgina has lodged a complaint with the church claiming they are discriminating against her son.

Georgina, 36, who has three other children, fumed: ‘I was so cross when I was told he couldn’t wear dresses, I was speechless. All I could ask was “why?”

‘Wearing the dress is his choice and if it makes him happy, it’s fine with me.

‘This is not a case of my son being trapped in a girl’s body, ­ he’s a normal boy who, because he has three big sisters, likes wearing dresses. What is wrong with that?’

Read More


No comment, but a few questions.

  • Is 100 dresses for any 5 year old, a little much?
  • Are kids that easily confused?
  • Could the kid in question just wear school uniform?
  • Has the church been a little heavy handed?

Hopefully for the church concerned this is a storm in a shiny tea cup, which will pass over soon.