How “Gods Not Dead 2” Links With “Paw Patrol”?

Its no shock that Netflix keeps a record of what you watch. And depending on what others watch, suggests other shows you may like.

It seems that because I watched Gods Not Dead 2, I may want to watch Paw Patrol.

The other shows in that list have a very obvious God / Christian angle, which makes me wonder, is Paw Patrol a secret Christian show? Are the dogs meant to be Gods angels? Do the dogs answer to some God type figure?

Or is Netflix confused? (But I’m sure you can tell – I’ve not actually seen Paw Patrol)

Check out my thoughts, when I live tweeted my watching Gods Not Dead 2.

Because Students also Relax While Watching Netflix…

So Connection Church in Texas has been inviting their students to an interesting event in their car park…

Netflix and Chill at Church


If you’re confused about whats so bad about a Church inviting people to Netflix and Chill in their carpark, this Guardian article will clear it up for you.

Any lessons that can be learnt from this?

10 Things To Do When You Really Dont Want To Go To Church

Do you ever find yourself laying there in bed on a Sunday morning, thinking that you just don’t want to go to Church? We all get moments like this…  at least we hope it isn’t just us. But if you find yourself not wanting to do Church. Please find below our ten top tips on what to do in this situation.
And please remember, as always, that we cannot be held responsible if any of these tips end up with you either going to hospital, losing your job, dying, being molested by squirrels, or anything else you might find unpleasant, oh and going to church.
  1. Stay in bed, its warm there. Its cold outside.
  2. Consider playing football…
  3. Sit on the sofa, watch match of the day again and drink a beer (we know it’s early, but you do get wine at church…)
  4. Netflix. Binge Watch. Repeat.
  5. Its a sunny morning. Get outside. Enjoy it.
  6. *Snooze*
  7. Check out Church Live on Twitter. Actually all joking aside, you should probably do that anyway. Its a fairly awesome project that is aiming to broadcast services from different churches using the Periscope app.
  8. Make use of that gym membership you paid for ages ago
  9. Turn up for church for coffee at the end and pretend that you’d been there the whole time (please note: you may need to read the notice sheet from last week just in case someone questions you about the sermon i.e. the preacher)
  10. Just go to Church. It might do your soul some good. But no promises.
Any other ideas to add to the above?