Christmas Carol Service Bingo 2019!!

We are about to enter the season of Christmas Carol Services in Churches around the world. Have you ever sat in one and felt that it felt oddly familiar? Maybe the service feels the same as a previous one, but with a few changes?

To help celebrate Christmas Carol services, and all they contain, give our Christmas Carol Service Bingo game a go!

Print out this PDF file, and share the cards out amongst everyone else on the back row. When you complete a row, shout out “Hark!”

Make sure you share a Mince Pie and some mulled wine while playing!

Make your own Bingo Cards here!

When “The Greatest Journey” Feels Like It Should Be A Bear Hunt…

Have you heard of the kids story “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt“?

What if the Bear Hunt happened to be mixed with the Nativity?

It turns out its called “The Greatest Journey”…

Obviously nothing to do with Bear Hunts…