Alternative Nativities. A Collection.

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Well. Its Christmas in 2020.

Its a bit… well what is there to say about all of this? Church Sofa is a mostly family friendly Church safe blog. So I’m going to say…. “sigh”…

Whilst there appears to be less “funny church things” than there normally are at this time of year… Here are a few nice Nativity things…

When King Herod joins Zoom…

The Snackivity…

When you have the choice between Lego and a new Nativity set…

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The Christmas Parenting Woes of Joseph

It occured to me the other day, normally when you see Mary and Joseph in a stable, they seem to be smiling. Whilst I know that a birth of a baby is meant to be a happy occasion, I’m fairly sure Joseph was already having his own series of parenting woes. After all, all parents have them, but I wondered what sort of issues Joseph had as a parent…

  1. Busy wondering if the animals had been fed recently.
  2. Why are all these guys rocking up?That smell? Baby or livestock?
  3. “Yes I know I didn’t book ahead – sorry dear”
  4. When people comment about how the little one looks like his mother.
  5. Those moments he compared himself to the other father.
  6. Dealing with a little drummer boy.
  7. Getting shouted at by Mary for spending “just 5 minutes” in the inn.
  8. The pressure of having to entertain three kings at once.
  9. Being slightly worried that the animals may get confused over the whole baby in a manger thing.

I guess I’m thankful we didn’t have to put up with a little drummer boy randomly showing when Little Sofa was born.