Alternative Nativities. A Collection.

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Well. Its Christmas in 2020.

Its a bit… well what is there to say about all of this? Church Sofa is a mostly family friendly Church safe blog. So I’m going to say…. “sigh”…

Whilst there appears to be less “funny church things” than there normally are at this time of year… Here are a few nice Nativity things…

When King Herod joins Zoom…

The Snackivity…

When you have the choice between Lego and a new Nativity set…

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Introducing – “The Hipster Nativity”

In previous years, Sofa has spotted a number of different nativity sets. These nativity sets have appealed to people who are fans of coke, hoovers, and aliens. The “Hipster Nativity set” from Modern Nativity, is a generally modern take on the nativity scene, and its filled with hipsters, selfies, and Amazon deliveries.

This video shows a closer look…

Hipster Nativity Set from Allison Baker on Vimeo.

This set can be yours for only $129.99 from Modern Nativity, but be quick. There are limited quantities!

Alternative Nativity Scenes

As we are now, well into the season of Nativity. We thought, now would be the time to round up some of the best Nativity scenes that we have seen on our travels around the internet.

Some of these are a little “Alternative”

A Fan of Dogs?


A Nativity for people who like cleaning.


Some Christmas advertising for Diet Coke…


…And the rest of the Coke range.


A “Tales From The Toy Shelf” Nativity


As spotted in a local shop.

Aliens Of Christmas


Have you seen any that you’d like to add? Link to them below, or send it my way on Twitter.