What happened after Delirious?

Were you a fan of Delirious? Ever wondered what some of them have done since the band went their separate ways? Former lead guitarist Stu G, as well as being part of the One Sonic Society, is looking to release an Independent EP called Of Burdens, Birds and Stars.

Stu G spoke to louderthanthemusic.com about his EP:

Tell us a little bit about your new solo EP ‘Of Burdens, Birds and Stars’ and what the inspiration behind it was?

Well… There are six songs and all have been written in the last 4 years or so in my time of transition and figuring out what’s next now that delirious? has ended. These are story songs or what i call “therapy” songs. I didn’t keep a diary in that time but I did write these songs. I didn’t think that I would ever record them but as time went on I realized that they had life to them.

So the things I’ve been struggling with and figuring out, well, maybe others are doing that too and maybe these can help people on their journeys. There’s songs about relationship breakdowns, there’s a love song, a prayer song for a friend whose marriage ended, a song about my daughter spreading her wings and leaving home and a song about the fact that we don’t have to do life on our own.

Rather than sign with a record label, you’re using a Pledge Music campaign to fund the EP independently – tell us about that decision.

Ha that’s partly an insecure decision, I didn’t think a label here would be interested. It’s also partly that the industry is changing shape and with so many people using a “direct to fan” approach I am excited about that and as Derek Webb (Noisetrade founder) told me it’s a chance to involve friends and followers and build the “stu g tribe”.

I don’t have access to the Delirious? database so my followers and likers are quite dispersed. I see this as starting again and gathering the people that want to be a part of something new with Stu g.

Read the rest of the interview over at louderthanthemusic.com

You can pledge towards the EP at pledgemusic.com/projects/stug (its looking like there may be a few extra treats for people who do get involved)

Listen to a demo version of King of The Stars.

Based on King of The Stars, The Sofa is looking forward to the rest of the EP

When the vicar visits. The Checklist.

church Sofa

For some random reason, you have the vicar coming to visit, and if The Simpsons have taught us anything, he’s not a normal house guest. He’s the vicar!

So what do you need to do to bring your house upto scratch? Check our “Vicar coming to visit” checklist, to make sure everything is done.

  1. Give the place a quick clean. Actually quite nice to do this anyway.
  2. Open a Bible, leave it open somewhere.
  3. Christian music. Something recognizable, Graham Kendrick would probably do.
  4. Christian music not option? Stick something gentle on in the background. Classic FM would do.
  5. Hide the Harry Potter DVDs.
  6. Hide the empty wine / beer / vodka / whiskey / miscellaneous alcohol bottles.
  7. Get out the nice biscuits
  8. Make sure the book shelf has the “Christian” books at eye level.
  9. No Christian books? Put some nice cookery books on eye level. Maybe put “50 shades of Grey” to one side.
  10. Put a calendar in your lounge, circle each Sunday, and (if they’re released) mark the sermon titles with Bible verses.

Any more that should be included?

If God was a DJ…

We’re sharing the sofa with Amanda today, who is wondering about God, and what would he be playing if he really was a DJ:

If God was a DJ, He’d rock

In case you were wondering, this particular conjecture comes from Planet Rock, digital radio station ‘where rock lives’, doorbell playing the intro to “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple.

Being a bit of a rock fan myself, and therefore subjected to the above statement several times a day, I’ve thought about it quite a lot. It’s fair to say that God does like a bit of loud music – just look at the party Nehemiah threw when they’d finished rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem! But would he confine himself just to rock? Or even tolerate rock? It is, after all, often thought of as the root of all musical evil – and plenty of other evils as well.

But is that really fair? Just like anything else it has it’s extremists and bad people. Even churches have those – but at the end of the day, you know it’s not down to us to decide who’s right and who’s wrong. You just have to look at Jesus in the Sermon on the mount – the part about trying to get specks out of other peoples eyes when you’ve got a dirty great plank stuck in your own. It seems to me that most people’s opinion of rock is a bit like that in some ways.

It’s the general idea that all rock stars & fans are long haired black leather wearing miscreants that’s a bit unfair for a start (well, my hair’s getting there, but black leather ??).(Are leather jackets ok? – Editor) And don’t they all bite the heads off chickens or bats or something? You might be surprised to know there are actually Christian rockers out there in the ‘mainstream’ world – Iron Maiden’s drummer is a Christian and of course there’s Alice Cooper, Mr Halloween himself, also describing himself as a Christian. I do have to concede here that I’m really not at all sure about how exactly that fits with the contents of his shows…but let me draw your attention to Romans chapter 2 – a warning against the judgement trap again. Who is perfect, after all? Not me, that’s for sure. Should I ever run into Mr C (unlikely, but you never know!) that is something I’ll be asking him about. As this exciting scenario has yet to take place, we’ll just have to leave that one as something between Alice and God.

Perhaps instead of questioning their sincerity, we should be admiring and praying for these people. Although they’ve changed their outlook on what they do and all it’s trappings, they’re still there, standing up for their new selves, trying to live it out – in the world, if not still of it. Surely that’s just what we’re all supposed to be doing? With the previous reputations of these guys maybe they’re just doing it on a grander scale, and so much more publicly.

So – if God were a DJ, he might rock – just a bit. But do you know what I really think? I reckon He’d be a bit more Radio 2 actually – something for everyone, nothing too ‘out there’ to be included – as long as it came with the right heart.


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Weekly Roundup – The Internet Edition

Hello, and welcome to this weeks edition of the weekly roundup:

  • The Beaker Folk wonder what life would like if it looked like Facebook?
  • The Guardian takes a long look at not just the speed of broadband, but with comments like:

    “At which point, issues of straightforward ideology start to take over. A broadband connection could become “a universal right”, says the Lords committee chairman, Lord Inglewood. What kind of policy leaves out 10% of the country – the elderly, the poor, the underclass who raise so many fears and challenges? What about the rolling acres of rural Britain which need broadband and commerce to save them from depopulation? It’s the digital divide opening wide again. If TV’s true future is broadband, then whole communities may be excluded from great national moments. Cue topical Olympics reference. Cue, also, a much closer scrutiny of broadband’s fundamental benefits.”

    The Guardian also asks, where is the high speed society taking us?

  • theresurgence.com offers a guilt powered guide to being an excellent wife.
  • Jon Acuff looks at a subject VERY close to our hearts. Church Notice Boards, and asks are they the worst tool for evangelism ever?
  • Are you thinking about packing for university? Take time to read this from fusion; is it time to draw a line in the sand?
  • The Gonna Be Dad blog presents 101 Things to do when you’re bored on Maternity Leave
  • … and finally… remember Sixpence None The Richer? Here’s the song Radio from the new album called “Lost in Translation”:

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