Introducing… The Updraft Imperative

Every now and then, a band gets suggested to me to look out for. The Updraft Imperative is one such band.

Coming from Australia, The Updraft Imperative seem to be dipping their toes into the ocean to see where they end up. According to their website:

“The Updraft Imperative is an original Christian band. Cool music and challenging lyrics. It is our aim to share what God has done in our lives through our music as a challenge to some and an encouragement to others.”

Whilst they describe themselves (according to iTunes) as Inspirational Rock, based on their soundcloud page, I’d include words such as funk, and “pop rock”. They almost remind me of early Maroon 5, (and thats a good thing).

Here’s their single, One Life:

Like the sound of this?

Check out their soundcloud page for more tunes, iTunes for the album, or their website for more information.

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Singing Nun Wins ‘The Voice’ Italy

The Italian version of ‘The Voice’ has been won by Sister Cristina Scuccia, who seems to be becoming known as the “The Singing Nun” (in some corners of the internet anyway). According the The Huffington Post:

Sister Cristina Scuccia, the unlikely star of Italy’s “The Voice” singing competition, soared to victory Thursday night with 62.3 of the vote and nabbing a recording contract with Universal.

Wearing the traditional habit and crucifix which has been her signature look on the show, the Sicilian nun immediately thanked God for her win which comes with a recording contract with Universal.

“My presence here is not up to me, it’s thanks to the man upstairs,” she said and then recited the Lord’s Prayer onstage.

Whilst this can be watched over at I thought her Bon Jovi  cover was a far better watch…


Happiness from BMS World Mission

Picture the situation, you’re part of a (fairly old) Christian Mission Society, and you have a healthy financial update to publish.

Do you, a: Publish another report, which people may not actually read.

Or do you, b: Release a video of your staff dancing, with the main updates included.

In the case of BMS World Mission they went with this…

Happy – The BMS financial update video 2014 from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.

I may pay more attention to finances if only there was more dancing in the world

(I imagine there is a PDF file somewhere with lots and lots of numbers for people who like that sort of thing)

Christian band ‘Switchfoot’ going to Hell. (According to Protesters)

It looks like Switchfoot have been attracting a new group of friends during their latest tour, with the above crew following them around a little bit. Jon Foreman lead singer of Switchfoot had the following to say in response:

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