Left Behind – The New Movie

For those who haven’t come across the Left Behind series of books before, wikipedia sums up the plot as:

Based on dispensationalist interpretation of prophecies in the Biblical books of Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah and Ezekiel, Left Behind tells the story of the end times (set in the contemporary era), in which true believers in Christ have been “raptured”, (i.e. taken instantly to heaven) leaving the world shattered and chaotic. As people scramble for answers, a relatively unknown Romanian politician named Nicolae Jetty Carpathia rises to become secretary-general of the United Nations, promising to restore peace and stability to all nations. What most of the world does not realize is that Carpathia is actually the Antichrist foretold from the Bible. Coming to grips with the truth and becoming born-again Christians, airline pilot Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe, their pastor Bruce Barnes, and young journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams begin their quest as the Tribulation Force to help save the lost and prepare for the coming Tribulation, in which God will rain down judgment on the world for seven years.

Whilst there was a series of movies based on Left Behind awhile ago, Hollywood have decided its time for a big budget remake. “The Official – Left Behind Movie” Facebook has released the following clip to wet the appetite of any fans out there.

Are you looking forward to seeing this? Or are you just going to be happy if its not total rubbish?

If you are likely to watch this, are you likely to watch this at the cinema, or are you planning on watching it on Netflix / dvd / sky / other small screen option?

What can we learn from The Hobbit?



Well a week ago, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was finally released on DVD / Blueray, giving myself and Mrs Sofa a chance to catch up with the rest of the movie watching crowd, and give it a watch.

To celebrate finally being given the chance to watch Peter Jacksons new epic, here are ten lessons we could learn from watching The Hobbit.

  1. Look out for signs of being settled.
  2. Be ready for adventure.
  3. Remember; value character over skills as a warrior.
  4. Be there for people who don’t have a home.
  5. It’s easy to doubt the little people.
  6. Remember; apologize for your doubt about people.
  7. Be warned, dwarves eat lots. But at least they clean up after themselves.
  8. Love eagles.
  9. Be prepared for your White Orc to return.
  10. Always remember where you left your wizard.

Any more out there?

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15 Things We Can Learn From Lord of The Rings

Last night, we took advantage of the extra hour by completing the trip through Middle Earth, by watching the epic-length “Return of The King”.
As I watching it, I couldn’t help but think about the plots and characters interwoven throughout all 3 books / movies, and wondered what we could learn from them.  So here we present the Church Sofa list of things we can learn from The Lord of The Rings:
    1. If you’re going to walk in the river – make sure you can swim
    2. Don’t put all your trust in your first wizard, wait for the ‘White’ one to come along
    3. Make sure you don’t follow an insane leader
    4. Be careful if that random old uncle gives you a random ring. If he does, do yourself a favour… Lock it away somewhere safe, leave it alone, and run!
    5. They do indeed come in pints
    6. Some times you need that extra gulp of beer before you chat to the pretty bar maid.
    7. Don’t tell small people to go away, you may need them to watch your back sooner then you think.
    8. Don’t try and steal rings from little people.
    9. If a wise and trusted old wizard tells you not to touch a giant marble… Don’t touch it.
    10. Be careful when wondering in dark caves, you may want to check for any local rumours of monsters before you go in there.
    11. Does your gardener have a weird spaced out look in his eyes? If so make sure he hasn’t nicked the ring that random old uncle gave you.
    12. The night can only last so long, come sun rise you will get reinforcements
    13. You won’t always get the right man for the job – sometimes you’ll need a woman.
    14. Every now and then you may need someone to carry you.
    15. Sometimes you need things to go that badly wrong to know what you can really do.

With thanks to our fantastic Twitter followers for their inspiration.

Is there any more we could include?