New Ways To Accidentally Create Moral Outrage in Church

The Church. For all its faults, generally doesn’t do a bad job at being a mad wide personality ranging group of people. The thing is, there is a lot of different people involved in Church. The chances are, someone is going to end up offended in someway… and it will probably be sooner rather then later. We’ve asked around and found the following potential ways to create moral outrage in a Church:

  1. Suggest changes to the coffee rota! (Or worse… change the coffee without checking with people first!)
  2. Mention Donald Trump during a sermon.
  3. It turns out that the day you’re doing anything “up front” is NOT the day to forget your flies AND your underwear.
  4. Have a really bad week, which is then followed by a really bad Saturday, followed up by a really bad Sunday morning, during which you accidentally stub your toe and swear under your breath. Infront of the wrong person.
  5. Casually mention you enjoy watching the wrong TV show or series of movies. (EG. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter…)
  6. Have a different opinion to the wrong people about the wrong things. Share these opinions.
  7. Wear a t-shirt about drinking beer to a Sunday morning service.
  8. Put the chairs out a little differently…
  9. Click on a dodgy link in Facebook… spam the nervous-about-Facebook-old-dear with dodgy links.
  10. Suggest that the worship team tries something newer then Shine Jesus Shine.

Any others out there?