Theological Question of The Week*: The Ultimate Phone Protection?


After feeling my nerves spike when Little Sofa demanded to go for a walk with my phone, I figured it was time to actually get a case for my phone.

I cant help but feel slightly impressed by the level of safety offered by the screen protectors that I grabbed at the same time time…

I guess it does make me wonder.

If God offered protection for mobile phones. What would that protection look like?

(You can grab it from here Amazon here if you’re interested – affiliate link)

The Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church: Mobile Phones

Love them?
Hate them?

They might be used to read Bible passages.
They might be used to Tweet.
They might be used to text someone else in the congregation.

There’s no doubting that mobile phones are (at least) going to be sat in peoples pockets during Church services, no matter what happens.

So. Just remember the golden rule… Keep your phone on silent… Everyone knows how embarrassing it is when your phone does go off during a service, and you dont want it happening to you… But it happening to someone else can be good fun… *

For this, make sure you’re sat in a solitary spot of the congregation, maybe an aisle that only has your self and your victim sat on, or a corner of the hall that only has a few people sat in. As a quiet moment of the service approaches, excuse yourself and step out, leaving your phone behind, set to loud, with your victim of choice.

After you’ve stepped out, take out your secret second mobile from your pocket, and ring your phone still in the church service.

Confusion and embarrassment will reign as everyone looks at and blames your victim for the ensuring distraction. The victim will then, in turn sit there for a moment or two of blissful ignorance of the fact that he is in fact in possession of the offending phone.

Fun times for all involved.

*Team Sofa can not be held liable for anything that happens as a result of this!