The Church Sofa Weekly Round Up – The Slightly Synod Edition.

So there’s been some news from the Synod this week…

Something about Synod plans to mobilise one million worshippers

Well. It seems one million members of The Church of England should get ready to be mobilised for mission…

Members of the General Synod welcomed the Church of England’s campaign Motivating the Million aimed at helping congregations in speaking about and living out their faith in homes, communities and workplaces.

Church of England website.

All sounds dramatic, and the press release about this is worth a look, but I wonder what its going to look like?

The Church Mouse take on evangelism is worth a read on this subject.

When you’re the wrong type of Christian…

As someone who works with young people, I’ve seen the impact that love can have on people. Sometimes, what people need most is “simply” a family a family to love them.

It seems, if you want to be foster parent, and look after people, then you should probably be the right kind of Christian.

This weeks Twitter High Point…

Something a bit silly…

A new challenge for all the preachers out there! Try and beat this preacher…

Brookman, a minister for Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, was delivering a Sunday message from 1 Corinthians 12 when his sermon illustration nearly resulted in the purchase of $28 worth of toilet paper.

The sermon, titled “Greet One Another,” was based on the Apostle Paul’s admonition that the church function as one body with many parts.

Basically, just get yourself on MP3, and find a reason to say “Alexa. Play Cheesy Christian music”

Something to watch…

*Warning, possibly a interesting take on “Heaven” lays below…

What did you find online this week?

The Church Sofa Weekly Roundup – The Getting Millennials into Church? Edition

My regular round up of random things found online this week

Something on Getting Millennials into Church has a piece on what churches need to do to engage “millennials”. It seems to be that using technology is key.

In an unrelated piece of news, the guys behind the ChurcHome app have published a piece on

Something not funny… have made an interesting argument as to why Christian Nationalism is destroying America.

Something to watch…

This weeks theological Twitter low point…


Submissions are open for something a little more positive for next week…

Trump, Phil Robertson, and Eternal Health Care.

The Late Night with Seth Meyers had a recent segment looking at Donald Trump, Socialism, and Health Care… Its safe to say it went places.

(Please dont watch if easily offended.)

As a Brit, living in Britain, my personal take on it is that I thank God for our free health care. Eternal Health Care may be something… but when I need advice for my asthma, or more importantly, when either Mrs or Little Sofa are sick, I quite like the idea of free accessible health care that we can turn to on this plain of existence.

Franklin Graham, and The President of Truth.

Donald Trump isn’t known for telling a lot of Truth. Indeed the champion of many corners of the American Church, has arguably been responsible for introducing terms such as “fake news” and “alternative facts” to our lives.

Simply put. It has been known that Donald Trump may have told a lie or two.

In fact, according the New York Times, Donald Trump has made 8,158 “false or misleading claims” in his first two years of being the American President.

What would a leading preacher say about Donald Trump, and his issue with honesty?

Franklin Graham was asked about it.

This makes me wonder one simple question.

Does Franklin Graham have a clue what he looks like when defends Donald Trump like this?

Paula White Would Like “First Fruit”

Its January, and Paula White (part of Donald Trumps evangelical advisory committee) is again asking for the first of peoples money fruit.

You can see the video at her website, but look out for classics such as:

Your Devotion to God is proof of him being a priority in your life.

Gods Holy principle of first fruits is all about honouring him, by putting him first in everything.

In 2019, deliverance and prosperity are yours. You will inherit your promised land.

Basically give the organisation your money first fruits.

If the video is a tad long, a shorter one was released last year and can still be found here. But the message is still the same. Offer God your first fruits by giving money.

(In a sneaky move , the option to embed this years video on sites other then hers seems to be disabled)

Is it OK of me to encourage people to drop an Apple into the ministry offices if they are passing?