When a Church Chants ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

There’s nothing to see here. Just a Church chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’.

Indeed. He starts talking about another Church chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’, before encouraging that Church to also chant ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’.

‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ btw, means F*** Joe Biden.

And its being chanted in churches.


Its enough to make me miss Lord I Lift Your Name being sung in Church…

When Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Trigger Warning for… not nice scenes.

I say celebrate… maybe its a case of Christians taking advantage of Halloween?

This is a trailer for a “Hell House”. A lovely little thing that is basically an attempt to scare people into loving God… or something like that?

And yes. There is a age rating for probably good reason. I dont know what they’re saying about some of the abuse that is suggested to be taking place, but I’m not sure if the producers of this are seeing what I’m seeing.

Happy Halloween..?

And lets not adapt this in England. Please?

Donald Trump: Saviour of Christianity?

Donald Trump is back. And as Donald Trump then ever before.

Calling into Flashpoint, a show on a Christian TV network where Donald Trump made a load of wide ranging vague comments, none of which were challenged. Such as comments about voting recount findings being “unbelievable”, and that the findings were “brutal”.

Typical emotional language, with no substance.

This could have something to do with the report from Arizona:

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden in Arizona’s most populous county, a review of results by his allies in the Republican Party has reaffirmed, capping a widely panned effort spurred by Trump’s false claims of voter fraud.


But you know,

Thats a mainstream media site, which apparently cant be trusted.

A view backed up by those in the studio.

“Nobody has done more for Christianity, or for evangelicals, or for religion itself, than I have.”

Donald Trump

Stay tuned for the guys in the studio, both praising Trump, and saying what a shame it was that more Christians didn’t know what he was doing when Donald Trump was in office.

Are we allowed to call this a cult yet?