Weekly Roundup: Translation Edition

Welcome to the weekly roundup for this week:

Weekly Roundup: Squeak Edition

Well. The news is filled with reports of how cold its going to get this weekend, so stay in – and give this list a read!

  • Richard Littledale reminds us Gods promises.
  • The eChurch blog looks at the most search Bible passage on Biblegateway.com
  • There have been an interesting amount of comments recently about the issue of discipline at the Mars Hill churches in America. Possibly out of these comments, marshillrefuge.blogspot.com has been formed. I’d recommend checking out the first post before passing judgement to quickly.
  • Phil Maylor plays Wheres Jesus?
  • The Baptist website Beyond400 wonders a world without denomination
  • As someone who feels a little separated from Manchester at points… I cant help but feel a little intrigued by praylovemanchester.com. If you’re based in Manchester, it may be worth keeping an eye on this.
  • … And Finally… The Church Mouse has returned for a one blog post about Ladies Hats


Weekly Round Up: The ahplA Edition

Welcome to the Weekly round up – back on Saturdays!!!


Dear Everyone.

Dear Everyone,

I here by give notice that I am copyrighting the word “Doctrine”. This copyright covers any use of the “Doctrine” in any title of anything anywhere.

If you do decide to carry on using the word “Doctrine”, I would expect to be paid each time you use the said word.

You may or may not receive a cease and desist letter, if this does not happen.

Yours in churchy love.

Team Sofa

Have the above explained to you here; I believe this is waiting to be verified… but does anyone remember the Steelroots saga?

Buy Mark Driscolls “Doctrine” book here.

(EDIT – 23rd October: In the Interests of Fair Play – Here’s a response from The Mars Hill)

(EDIT – 25th October: Looks like this tea cup storm has come to an end. A response from Pastor Scott Hagan, Mars Hill Community (Sacramento), and a report from Christian Post)

I say this is a storm in a tea cup… It just seems a shame that the first move seemed to be to call in the expensive lawyers…

Is the world really that easy?

I’ve just sat and read the article “The world is filled with boys who can shave” by Mark Driscoll, and to be honest… been kinda shocked at how negative the whole article was to be honest.

He seems to take a swipe at men who like to drink beer, play computer games, listen to music, enjoy cars, computers, fantasy football leagues, and burgers, as well as a number of ‘activities’. Now I’m not going to say that porn is ok, but he also mentions ‘women’ in his lists of “past times”. I’d love to hear him expand on this… its almost as if single guys arn’t meant to meet women.

I’ll give him his due, he does almost turn postive with;

Men are supposed to be producers, not just consumers. You’re defined by the legacy, the life, and the fruit that come out of you, not by what you take in. But most guys are just consumers.

Almost encouraging. Almost builds a guy up to make something out of his life, but then he launches into:

What happens if you walk into the church and try to find out what a man looks like? First of all, you’re not going to find a lot of guys in most evangelical churches. The least likely person to see in church is a single, twenty-something male. He is as rare at church as a vegan at a steak house.

In the world, boys who can shave are children who are consumers. In the church, boys who can shave are cowards who are complainers.

A buddy of mine calls them evangellyfish because they have no backbone. They don’t declare a major, church, theology, or fiancé. They don’t want to fail and they think if they don’t try, then they can’t fail. And by definition, that’s a failure.

They are, however, endowed with the spiritual gift of complaining. They say, “I hate the church. The church just wants my money.” As if the church wants his futon, Xbox, light beer, and computer filled with free Internet porn.

Here’s the cold hard truth: it’s a lot harder to do something than it is to complain about those who are doing something. The notorious sin of Christian guys is complaining about guys who are doing something rather than doing something.

Now, this is probably where this blog comes in. Instead of calling 20 something men in the church cowards, why dont we ask some questions? Why dont alot of men feel comfortable in church? Why do some guys feel like that? Is there something about church services that men dont feel comfortable with? There was a stage in my life where I was quite proud of calling myself “Christian”, as opposed to saying I was Baptist, Anglican, Catholic or whatever. Does that make me a evangellyfish?

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