Buying ‘by computer’ is the ‘Mark of the Beast’?

It seems that American-Christian-TV-person Pat Robertson has warned that the government is pushing technology that would force every financial transaction to be controlled “by computer,” and it could be the “Mark of the Beast” as described in Revelation.

According to

So-called “privacy expert” Katherine Albrecht told CBN that radio frequency identification technologies — or RFID — had “biblical implications.” “There will be a time when humanity will be forced to take a mark,” she said. “And that mark will be on the right hand or the forehead. It is the number 666.” But Robertson worried that it was not just RFID that was a sign of the End Times, it was all electronic financial transactions. “We don’t want to scare people,” he insisted. “The times going to come, we’re not going to have any cash. We don’t need cash.”


An interesting side point, is that if you want to become a member of “The 700 club” (The TV show that Pat Robertson presents), then you would indeed have to make an electronic financial transaction in order to join.

“Mark” of the Beast in the NIV Bible

According to this guys Youtube page:

The Book of Mark in the King James Bible has 678 verses.

The Book of “Mark” in the NIV (New International Version) has 666 verses!

The NIV’s book of “Mark” contains the “mark” of the Beast 666! This proves who is behind these modern, phoney, satanic perversions of the Bible.

I hope this guy never comes across “The Bloke’s Bible“, or even the The Brick Bible.