When Poirot (aka David Suchet) Reads The Bible.

You may or may not know, that David Suchet (well known for BEING Poirot), released an audio reading of The Bible a while ago.

Recently, David Suchet gave a live reading of Marks Gospel at St Pauls Cathedral in London, which has been uploaded onto YouTube for everyone’s listening:

What was #cnmac11 then?

Over the next week or two, you may see a few posts pop up on the Church Sofa that refers to #cnmac11, or (to use its full and I expect proper name), the “Christian New Media Conference 2011″…

… If you know what that is, I guess this isn’t for you… but if you didn’t go along this year… or dont know… then please read on….

The blurb from website describes it:

The aim of the conference is to Inspire, Equip and Connect attendees so that they are able to make an impact in the digital space.

This is done by

  • Be Inspired by what is happening inside and outside the Christian community, get a fresh vision for what can be achieved online.
  • Be Equipped by a choice of 20 breakout sessions covering a huge range of subjects and geared to provide you with the practical know-how you need to get things done.
  • Get Connected to other delegates and speakers during networking sessions and breaks. Link up with key agencies in the exhibition area.

If this sounds interesting, that I’m sad to say you’ve missed it. But the good news is that the conversations continue, the best place to join in is on Twitter – Check out the #cnmac11 discussion by clicking here.

I’m also going to spend sometime pondering the day, as I sit on the church sofa… with my head trying to make sense of it all.

Any questions, about anything? Please feel free to comment, or if you’re on Twitter – ask the question and include the #cnmac11 hashtag.


The Pope,The Internet, And BT

Heres an odd one from The Register.

It seems that BT Openreach (the engineering arm of BT) , have released a notice advising they will not be taking “any escalations for faults and orders in the London area next week due to the visit of the Pope”.

Odd considering the amount of businesses in the local area that would obviously depend on broadband. Also odd considering this hasn’t announced by other Internet Service Providers.

Just seems a bit odd…

In other news, you can sign up to get Catholic Broadband in America…