10 Ways to Share The Peace

Well, last time we discussed “The Peace” we said:

“…This is the part of the service where the vicar would say something like “The peace of Christ be with you”, the congregation would respond with “and also with you”, before being invited to share the peace with each other.

Depending on the church depends on how crazy the following few minutes are, as the congregation starts shaking hands, hugging, or Christian kissing people around them. If you’re new and a little shy this will be the point you’ll find out how keen your new church is to seek you out and give you lots and lots of attention!”

So how can we as people doing this Peace thing react during this time? Well we’ve put together 10 ways for you to share the peace next Sunday:

  1. Shake hands with people.
  2. Hug your neighbour.
  3. Kiss on the cheek.
  4. European style kiss on the cheek.
  5. Big smacker kiss on the lips.
  6. Dance around the hall.
  7. Run around shaking hands with as many people as you can in 60 seconds (post the results below if you wish!)
  8. Introduce yourself to someone new, while pretending to be from a different country.
  9. Say hello to the person leading the service. Ask if they get lonely standing up there by themselves.
  10. Encourage everyone on your side of the hall to swap places with everyone on the other side of the hall.

Any other ideas?

The Church Sofa Awards 2011

Welcome to the second Annual Church Sofa Awards, where we celebrate the best and sometimes worse moments of 2011.

Church Notice Board of The Year: This was a close run thing with this gem from back in June getting the most hits, but this one isn’t a peoples vote – so we’re going for this little poster we found back in August:


Twitter Hero: Kathryn Rose aka @artsyhonker for organising the Flash Evensong outside St Pauls (Nominated by @Gerrarrdus).

Best Web Project: Easter LiveFor giving me an excuse to play with Lego…

Biggest Challenge: Only takes 3 seconds – An amazing watch…

The Peoples Choice of Best Christian / Church Blog: The Vernacular Vicar. As voted by… lots of people…

Best Alien: Elvis – He even featured in his own road trip video.

Villain of the year: Harold Camping – The End of The World guy…
Honorable Mention: Westminster Abbey – for showing us how not to do PR…

Simpsons Moment of The Year: The Importance of sermon prep


So have we got anything wrong? Are then any awards which we should have included??

Should the Villain had been different?

Let any debate begin!

The Bible Without God is Like…

Inspired by Bible for atheists – like lager without the alcohol?, and Jane Chelliah’s comment that went along side it, here is our list of comparisions of what the Bible is like without God:

The Bible Without God is Like…

  • Cheese and Crackers – without the Cheese.
  • Fish and Chips without the fish…
  • Cheese with no milk…
  • Wine without grapes…
  • Radio with no signal.
  • Doctor Who without a TARDIS.
  • Curry without Curry Powder (h/t Jane Chelliah)
  • Back To The Future without the Delorean
  • Omelette without eggs.
  • Coke without sugar or caffeine (have you tasted sugar free / decaff Coke?)

Is there any more we could use?