Introducing “The Dads Corner”


In approx 6 months time, Team Church Sofa will increase by one. Not sure how much posting the little one will do straight away, but I’m planning on using the baby to give me access to other possibly darker parts of the church.

You know the ones; places like the creche, toddlers groups, and the black space that exists between parents who’ve had no sleep… yet seem to pay attention during the sermon…

So. We’re kicking off our new weekly* feature known as “The Dads Corner”, with a simple question.

  • If you’re a Dad. What was the most stupid thing you did when your wife / partner / better half was pregnant?
  • If you’re a Mum. What was the most stupid thing the dad to be did?
  • If you’re neither, then what was the most stupid thing you’ve ever seen anyone do around a pregnant woman?

If you’re feeling brave, feel free to check out The Gonna Be Dad Blog


* Might be weekly… Might be monthly…

How Are You?

It was a simple question, but it was lingering in the air as I read it.

A simple question, but I was stumped for an answer.

Maybe it’s because I’m English.
Maybe it’s because I ask the question almost all the time at work.
Perhaps customers ask me at work.. And I know how many I them are really interested in my answer.
Maybe it’s because, even when its people who (I know) really care about me ask, the busyness of life means the subject is moved on quickly enough.
Maybe it’s because i’ve known him for years.
Perhaps its just all those nights at the pub.
Or maybe it’s because I know I can’t fool him…

He simply asked;

How are you?

I wanted to say, “same as normal”… But how is that?