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Things To Do For God. #Digidisiple

If there’s one thing that jumps out of my memories of Old Testament lessons from Sunday School, its that Solomon built one heck of a decent temple. Why? Well the message version of 1 Kings chapter 5 puts it simple enough, “Build a temple in honor of God, my God, following the promise that God gave to David my father, namely, ‘Your son whom I will provide to succeed you as king, he will build a house in my honor“.

I guess the obvious thing to think about here then, is what do we do to honor God in our lives?

Well take a seat, maybe listen to History Maker by Delirious, and check out our things to do for God..

1. Build a Temple.


Get some wood, and other building materials together, and get building.

Oh and don’t forget the planning permission.

2. Lead Worship at Church.


If the above fails, then learn to play the guitar. The church loves people who can lead huge crowds of people in worship.

3. Speak Out for God!


Good with the words? Clear public speaker? Consider asking if you could join the preaching team?


Cant play music? Not great at speaking in front of people?

You could be THAT person that goes to every church event that you can go to!

You could even try smiling as much as the lady above.

5. Maybe… consider being nicer…

Its winter. Its all abit darker outside.

With Christmas approaching, and money running out, everyone both online and offline seems to be getting a little stressed.

Remember. If someone tweets something you dont really like, you dont have to reply straight away.

And if you really have a problem… maybe… take it up via Direct Messages or something?

6. Live Your Life.

If all else fails. Live your life.

Enough said?

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A prayer for anyone who is waiting for something to happen. (With thanks to Facebook)

“Father God, I realise that You have set an appointed time for everything, and I may not necessarily know when it will come or how it will happen. I choose to remain expectant & trust that You will bring my breakthrough no matter how long it takes. Amen”

Weekly RoundUp: The Serious Edition

Trigger warnings for this one, as some of the links include discussion about possibly sensitive topics. Please remember that some of the following in particular is a review of the comments and discussion made over the last week, and as sometimes is the case, some of which have been apologized for:

The Man Drawer: What’s underneath?

 Recently we decided to redo our kitchen, we did it in several stages, first we did the cabinets and changed the doors and the floor…the things that make a big difference very quickly. When we moved into the house we had some lovely disgusting tiles in the kitchen that until recently have still been there. A couple of weeks ago I ripped them off the wall…that was fun!

But what I found behind was some plaster that was fantastic and in brilliant condition, some plaster that had crumbled away and some walls that didn’t even have any plaster on them in the first place. So today I got to try my hand at plastering, I redid the bits that were crumbling and put some onto the wall that had never had any. And no, I’m afraid it doesn’t look quite as good as what that man is doing 🙁

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10 Moments from #cnmac11

10 moments…

10 Notes or tweets from the day…

10 snippets of conversation…

Hopefully something here to make you think… wonder… or indeed… ponder…

  • Creativity delights God, but we can never forget to keep our motives in check.
  • It’s easy to make cheap shots, but it is cheap…
  • Share your life online. Someone may be better off because of it.
  • Did we all just buy into the hype about #notw are we really invested in social justice and social change? (With thanks to @Goannatree)
  • “The future is about Emotion” – Patrick Dixon
  • Is a “digital sabbath” a “relationship sabbath”?
  • 10 online rules Pray, listen, respect, encourage, take time, share, be welcoming, be grateful, be yourself, and love. (More here)
  •  If you’re serious about online engagement, it is a 365 day commitment – @digitalnun
  • We don’t want noise. We want Truth
  • If Change happens at the edge of the radar, do we look there or do we just stick with what we know?
Did you see or hear anything that stood out? Please feel free to share.