Lessons in Evangelism

Are you in a weird position where you share an office / classroom / desk and people are close enough to see whats on your notebook?

Are you looking for a way to to start talking about Jesus?

Is your friend a little… romantic?

Bring this in and see what happens!

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Lessons in Evangelism – The Tiktok Edition


Not done one of these for a while.

Perhaps a pandemic has helped us have less human communication or something?


In this instalment of Lessons in Evangelism, we look at how it can look…

Here’s how it looks… (with some language warnings for little ears)

Now. I’m not sure how I’d feel if a random dude came up and started speaking like that to my daughter when she’s older, (no matter their reasonings), but it also looks like he’s received a fair amount of hate online. And I’m keen not to add to that, to him on a personal level.

I do wonder if there is case to be made here that Church teachings may have suggested to him that this was ok behaviour?

Now the dude did try and post a video sharing his reasonings, but sadly they seem to have been deleted.

So I guess we’re left with the slightly sweary video…

How Christians Can Evangelise on Halloween

10 Ways Christians Can Evangelize on Halloween

Tis the season when the nights get longer, days get colder, and the Halloween decorations come out for the scare. Not wanting to question if Christians should “do Halloween” or not, I’m gonna ask how Christians can evangelise on Halloween? Here are 10 ideas…

  1. Dress up as The Holy Ghost.
  2. Jesus said I am The Light of The World. Throw lights, candles, torches, at passing trick or treaters.
  3. Have a bucket of Holy Water. Throw it at any passing vampires.
  4. Carve a really long evangelistic message in a pumpkin.
  5. Dress up as Jesus. Bring any passing zombies back to life.
  6. Any adults at the door helping kids trick or treating? Give them a cup of water, challenge them to ask any passing Jesus to convert it to wine.
  7. Play “The Passion of The Christ” on a big screen outside your house. Its The Passion. You don’t need to explain it to anyone…*
  8. Act out Abraham and Isaac in your front garden**.
  9. Dress up as a giant blue song book, chase people around singing at them.
  10. Have a friend dress up, run along and “die” in the middle of a crowd. Then Jesus comes alongs and sorts him out. (Friend DOES NOT pretend to be a zombie at this point).

*No. Don’t do this. Really don’t do this. You’ll get in trouble, and traumatize people!
** Probably best you don’t do this either.

What would you add?