Views of a last supper

I’ve just taken a quick straw poll*, and I’ve found that the most well known scene in the gospels isThe Last Supper. (Obviously after the crucifixion, and anything to do with Christmas).

I would guess it fair to say that one reason why the scene is so well known is due to The Last Supper painting:



I figured it would be interesting to look at the other not so famous looks at The Last Supper… (Be warned, one of them is a little naughty, not very naughty, but a little naughty)

The Ordering A Very Large Table Last Supper.


The Traitors Last Supper


The Selfie Last Supper


The Doctors Last Supper


(How long is that scarf?)

The Jedis’ Last Supper


Which is your favourite last supper? 

*A straw poll of lego men… but hey…

Doctor Who The Penultimate Meal

Before you get worried, this is not Doctor Who – The Last Supper… Its Doctor Who The Penultimate Meal.

I guess the big important deep question that this image makes me want to ask really has to be:

Which is your Doctor?*

*Clever geek answers allowed.

Richard Littledale has also looked at this unfamiliar familiar scene.