When The Daleks Met Jesus (Or Something)

I dont know how I came across this. But it seems there was an art exhibition a while back which featured Daleks painted into nativity type scenes.

After complaints from local Christians in Cornwall, it seems the exhibition simply moved up to Cardiff – the spiritual home of Doctor Who.

I wonder if I have enough Lego to recreate more Bible scenes with Doctor Who characters?

Check out The Spectator for more information.

Away In A Manger: Socially Distanced Version

jesus christ figurine

What if.

What if Away In A Manger was written in 2020? Or at least… was written for a Nativity that happened during a socially distanced age?

Would it read something like this?

Step away from the manger
Back away from the bed
Where The little Lord Jesus
Lays down His sweet head

The stars in the sky
Look down from far up high
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep in his bubble

I love Thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay 2 meters away,
‘Til vaccine is nigh