How to Cater For Introverts in Church


Do you know an introvert in Church? Maybe you are one? Dont know what it means to be an introvert? Urban dictionary has the following definition of an introvert:

Opposite of extrovert. A person who is energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places, introverts like to think and be alone.

So how can the Church (normally an activity featuring people), help people who “like to think and be alone”? Well the Church Sofa would like to offer these 10 tips on how to cater for introverts in the Church*.

  1. Spot someone new in Church? Make sure you get them to stand up in the service and get them to say their name, and give at least one embarrassing fact about themselves. It will help them in conversations later.
  2. “Turn to your neighbour, and share how they can pray for you”
  3. Regularly encourage quieter people in Bible studies to talk to the group, they will thank you for making them voice an opinion.
  4. Do something different from the norm in a Church service. Don’t tell people about what to expect, they’ll love the surprise.
  5. Give them a Holy kiss.
  6. Is someone acting a little quiet? Feed them a massive mugful of espresso.
  7. “Discuss with your neighbour what you learnt from God during todays sermon.”
  8. During The Peace at church, encourage everyone to greet everybody loudly and proudly.
  9. “Lets all take turns in reading a verse from the Bible passage out loud. Let us all take time and really read out the words clearly, and let us feel the Word of God speaking to us, as we all read”
  10. Encourage EVERYBODY to dance in The Lord. Particularly if its a small group. Introverts love small groups.

*We hold no responsibility for anything that happens if you try the above. This might be more useful if you are interested.

14 Ways To Handle A Christian Introvert

Sometimes I’m late in finding something awesome on the internet. This list of  14 Ways To Handle A Christian Introvert is one of those times. Some of these are kinda spot on… :

1) In a small group or Bible study or cell meeting, do NOT make us talk.

Introverts are much more methodical and tend to process things.  In a group discussion, our silence doesn’t mean we’re not listening.  We’re just trying to fit the pieces together in our own head.  We aim to be thoughtful and deliberate.  Please be sensitive to our secret mind palace.  We’ll talk when we dang well feel like it.

2) We just don’t sing like the front row.

It’s great that extroverts can freely express themselves during worship time.  But introverts sometimes just read the lyrics, connect inwardly, and keep their hands inside the vehicle.  If you see us raising even one hand and singing a few words, we are seriously pushing the gas pedal all the way to the floor.

3) Do not ever rebuke us in public.

Or you and I are done.  Forever. You should never do this anyway.

4) Extroverts: be patient in conversation and don’t treat my every word like your personal victory.

Extroverts, it’s okay if you monopolize the conversation.  We do like to listen.  But please don’t treat us like your personal project with a precious pearl inside.  And don’t try to squeeze out my life story as if you’re trying to save us.  Earn trust by being a friend first.  Unlike extroverts, we’re not good at being best friends on the first day.

5) Fellow introverts: find us quickly.

See me standing awkwardly on the side of the sanctuary watching everyone else have fun?  Hurry up and find me so we can make amusing sarcastic comments about life and possibly grow a lifelong spiritual bond that these extroverts can’t understand.


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