The Independence Day Church Service…

Maybe I’ve simply missed this, I knew that Independence Day was a big deal in America (the movie kinda gives that away), but I didn’t realise there were Independence Day celebrations held in Churches.

The Independence Day Church Service was covered in an interesting blog from Benjamin L Corey over at :

If your church is going to be holding an Independence Day celebration this year, I hope you’ll think this through and decide to skip it. Celebrating Independence Day at church is among what I believe to be the most offensive things we could do in a place that is supposed to be reserved for worshiping the God we see fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the one who taught his disciples to pay their taxes, and nonviolently love their enemies– even to be willing to lay down their lives to love their enemies.

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Strong words, but at the very least it seems that Independence Day services can be an excuse for…