Emergency Housegroup Leaders Kit Of Ideas

Imagine the situation: You’re hosting your church home group, and the person leading the Bible study doesn’t turn up. What do you do? You could ditch the bible study, have a quick chat and get on with your lives? (But no one ever seems to want to do that)

Lots Of BiblesOr you could lead a bible study anyway? But what is your bible study going to be about? To help get you started here are ourĀ Emergency Housegroup Leaders Kit Of Ideas!

  1. You’re going to need an energy kick to get through this. All the cool kids seem to drink Monster…
  2. Bibles. Have lots and lots of Bibles! Hand them out. Get people to read a verse or twenty at random. Ask people what they think about said random verses.
  3. An impressive Bible book. Unlocking The Bible is one…
  4. Buy and bring a local business a present. Explain that you wanted to bring them a present to encourage them.
  5. Bible Through Lego! Use Lego characters to tell Biblical truths. Or something…
  6. Ask everyone to give an encouraging Bible verse to the person on the left. Give them all a chalk pen to take home with them to write the Bible verse on a mirror at home. (You can use the Encouraging Bible Verse Picker for help)
  7. Ask deep searching questions about these unfortunate Bible verses. (Examples of questions you can ask include “How do these verses speak into your life?”)
  8. Got some cushions? Get everyone to lay down, and “wait on God” / Pray / meditate / sleep / whatever…
  9. A video clip of someone talking about God. Saves you from having to do it…
  10. Just drag everyone down to the pub, and buy them all a pint.

Any other ideas you’d like to add?

Challenges for Homegroup Leaders

Church Housegroup Challenges

Welcome to September! All around the country, Churches haveĀ homegroups starting up for a new term. All ready for a new Bible study series. But how can homegroup leaders make the bible studies more interesting?

Here are 10 challenges for Homegroup leaders in your church.

  1. Spend the entire evening speaking in a bad Russian accent.
  2. Serve mug loads of espresso, accidentally make people think it’s decaf.
  3. (If you’re hosting) Don’t tidy up before housegroup. Act like everyone is making a huge mess of your lovely place.
  4. This requires some planning in advance, but ensure any and all toys are arranged ready for a bible study.
  5. When planning, crowdsource questions for your bible study.
  6. Plan the bible study while using the The Message version of the Bible.
  7. Illustrate every question with a Simpsons video clip.
  8. Doing a session on Baptism? Throw water balloons at each other.
  9. Leading a session on Hebrews chapter 4? Lead the Bible Study naked.
  10. Lead a session on “Waiting on God”. Encourage everyone to lay down on the floor / relax on the sofa, while you play a relaxing CD. DO NOTHING ELSE IN THE EVENING!

Any more ideas?