Tell Me Something Happy?

I was going to write a deep and meaningful response to the news from Manchester this week, but I’m out of words.

So therefore, I’m not going to write anything, besides, there is probably a better writer out there, that has written about Manchester far more beautifully than I could.

Therefore, I’m going to do something a little different, and kinda scary.

I’m going to ask you to leave a comment. 

Tell me something happy,

tell me about something that has made you smile recently,

tell me about something that gives you hope.

Tell me some good news. 

This could be something seemingly small, and not massively noteworthy, but if it seemed good to you, I want you to share it below. It might be a link to some good and positive news in the world.

Help me see something to smile about in the world.

Help other people smile.

Help others see some hope, love, and positivity.

Tell me something something happy. 


Happiness from BMS World Mission

Picture the situation, you’re part of a (fairly old) Christian Mission Society, and you have a healthy financial update to publish.

Do you, a: Publish another report, which people may not actually read.

Or do you, b: Release a video of your staff dancing, with the main updates included.

In the case of BMS World Mission they went with this…

Happy – The BMS financial update video 2014 from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.

I may pay more attention to finances if only there was more dancing in the world

(I imagine there is a PDF file somewhere with lots and lots of numbers for people who like that sort of thing)