This Week In The Internet. Another Good Omens Edition.

Sofa’s attempt to do a round up of things unleashed into Christian Internet this week…

The Good Omens Petition

Did you hear the one about the petition by a Christian organisation to Good Omens cancelled by Netflix? The problem with that is that Netflix has nothing to do with it… they probably wished they did. But they didn’t.

I really tried to write something about it. Both the… foolishness of the above, and in defence of Good Omens.

Simply put, I couldn’t get my head around it without resorting to spoilers. and more spoilers. Glen Scrivener from Speak Life has done a great job of looking at it:

A Little Thing About Ikea

Full disclaimer time. I love ikea. Their Chocolate / Dime bar thing is like kryptonite to my wallet. They’re been in the news in Poland due to “quoting Bible verses condemning homosexuality in a case strikingly similar to Israel Folau’s battle with Rugby Australia. “

The full story is here, but I’d encourage to pay special attention to

“Mr Tomasz, a long-term employee at the Krakow store, was sacked after he refused to take down Bible verses he posted in response to a notice on the company’s intranet promoting a pro-LGBT event in May.”

Can I suggest that if you write anything on your companies intranet, its probably best to be something that the company either agrees with, or at least not something that could be seen as unprofessional?

When the Church of England Tries To Make The Internet Better…

The Church of England have released a series of guidelines to help[ create a kinder atmosphere online. According to The Guardian:

“When you’re talking on social media, put the truth out. There’s no such thing as an alternative fact: there are opinions, and there is truth.

“When you are expressing an opinion, do so with kindness. And be welcoming: don’t throw out stuff, tweet or post things, that is a shut-out. That’s not the point of social media. It is social media.”

Justin Welby – Guardian

Read more at the Guardian website.

That’s it for now. Anything out there I should have included?

This Week In The Internet – The Good Omens Edition

Turns out I’ve not been great at writing a weekly post recently. I guess May was one of those months. But I guess that means there’s a bumper amount of stuff to share…

What I’ve Been Mostly Watching…

Good Omens! A Good fun watch with plenty of heart. Don’t take it to seriously, and… well… There’s plenty to be said about the last episode, but that would be one giant spoiler. If you have Amazon Prime, check it out!

Quote that’s messed with me this week.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Bits and Pieces I’ve read…

What I’ve listened to…

Remember Stephen Baldwin? The Baldwin that isn’t Alex or William. I’ve come across him guesting on The Social Media Church podcast. Where, according to the blurb: “Being in this world, but not of it – this is what well known Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin is driven towards. Listen to Nils Smith and Nick Runyon as they talk with Stephen about how he presses forward in his 10-year ministry, charity and other Christ-centered initiatives with boldness.Give it a listen.

And finally… The Silly Tweet of The Week

What have I missed?