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Back in the mists of time, when I announced that “mini sofa” would be joining us in the world, I also announced that there may be a certain amount of children / kid focus around here. (I think I said it would be called “Dads Corner”). That never really happened.

Instead, The Little Southern Dad blog was born. Its a general collection of stuff n’ gubbins about parenting, babies, beer, lego, and Doctor Who.
All the important stuff in life.

Please check it out!

Saying Goodbye…

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To put this all into a little perspective: I’m going to be a dad.

Well. Actually. I am a Dad.

Well. The baby’s not born yet, so I guess I’m an expectant dad to be.

I guess being a dad to be has made think about a whole new world of things, such as dirty nappies, the price of lego, and how to paint Toy Story style clouds in the nursery.

I guess, every now and then I think about things like sleepless nights, the helplessness of hearing my child scream itself though teething, and my baby not surviving birth. I dont talk about that last one, and I’m ok with not talking. Like other things, I put it in that Man Drawer in my mind, slam it shut, and get on with life. I dont talk about it because its uncomfortable, because it makes me face possibilities that I’m happy living without thinking about.

The sad truth is that there are people that face or have faced miscarriage, early term loss or early infant loss. If you or someone you know is dealing with something like this, I’d suggest checking out “Saying Goodbye”. Saying Goodbye is a series of events at Cathedrals around the country which (according to their website): “will include music by the resident choirs, gospel choirs and musicians, poetry and readings, multimedia presentations, personal messages, prayers, a message of hope and more. Each will be structured in such a way as to allow you to come and take part, or so you can simply sit and listen

I’ve spoken to them a few times over Twitter, and they seem like fantastic people involved in quite a sensitive subject. If you are interested in further information, I’d suggest to check out or @SayingGoodbyeUK.

Weekly Roundup – The Internet Edition

Hello, and welcome to this weeks edition of the weekly roundup:

  • The Beaker Folk wonder what life would like if it looked like Facebook?
  • The Guardian takes a long look at not just the speed of broadband, but with comments like:

    “At which point, issues of straightforward ideology start to take over. A broadband connection could become “a universal right”, says the Lords committee chairman, Lord Inglewood. What kind of policy leaves out 10% of the country – the elderly, the poor, the underclass who raise so many fears and challenges? What about the rolling acres of rural Britain which need broadband and commerce to save them from depopulation? It’s the digital divide opening wide again. If TV’s true future is broadband, then whole communities may be excluded from great national moments. Cue topical Olympics reference. Cue, also, a much closer scrutiny of broadband’s fundamental benefits.”

    The Guardian also asks, where is the high speed society taking us?

  • offers a guilt powered guide to being an excellent wife.
  • Jon Acuff looks at a subject VERY close to our hearts. Church Notice Boards, and asks are they the worst tool for evangelism ever?
  • Are you thinking about packing for university? Take time to read this from fusion; is it time to draw a line in the sand?
  • The Gonna Be Dad blog presents 101 Things to do when you’re bored on Maternity Leave
  • … and finally… remember Sixpence None The Richer? Here’s the song Radio from the new album called “Lost in Translation”:

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