Live Tweeting Gods Not Dead 2

So on a whim, we decided to watch Gods Not Dead 2. For those that dont know, Gods Not Dead 2 is a courtroom drama based around a teacher referring to Jesus during a lesson.

To help survive, I decided to tweet my way through the movie. Here’s the best of my random wanderings whilst watching Gods Not Dead 2.

Yeah… there are spoilers.

A Sneak Peak of Gods Not Dead 2

Were you a fan of Gods Not Dead? Released last year, Gods Not Dead focused on a debate between a student and his professor over the existence of God. It seemed it made enough to warrant making a sequel, which focuses on someone in court for talking about Jesus.

Sound like fun? Heres a sneak peak…

Are you looking forward to April Fools Day 2016?

When God Appears in a Court Room Drama

What is Church About?

According to wikipedia this is a new Christian movie thats based on the book God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty:

Cant help but think it looks like a courtroom drama.

Question. Why does it feature the Newsboys? Is the film actually really based around their song?

But I guess at least it stars Superman.