Gluten Free Prayers?

If you’re like me, and you’re Gluten Free /┬áCeliac you’ll know it can make your relationship with food, complicated. (To put it mildly).

What I remember of my GP’s appointments back when I was investigating what was wrong, I was advised of the following options:

  1. Monitor my diet.
  2. Exercise is good.
  3. Could try medication.
  4. Counselling.

This wasn’t an option presented to me.

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A Church Lunch – How To Survive It When You Are Gluten Free

Picture the scene. You’re at a Church Lunch, or one of many other buffet style lunches that happen, and you spot how it appears to be a bit like Subway. As in loads of meat, and loads of bread rolls. And it all looks amazing.

Imagine you’re gluten free… which means you cant eat wheat based products. So no bread, pizza, or beer for you.

Well, how do you do deal with this?

May we present a handy flow chart guide showing how to survive a Church lunch, when you’re gluten free.


Do you have any tips to share?