Debate Tuesday: The Real Worst Threats In 500 years?

"Gay marriage 'one of most serious threats to Church in 500 years'"

In case you missed it, last Tuesday a number of mainstream newspapers within the UK covered the release of a report by the Church of England into the government’s proposals to change the law around gay marriage.

It was the headlines from The i that caught my eye: “Gay marriage ‘one of most serious threats to Church in 500 years'”.

Now. I have to admit, I don’t know the in’s and outs of all of this, but this did make us wonder if there were any “threats” to the church that could have been deemed as even greater then gay marriage.

We managed to come up with the follow list:

  1. Rainbow coloured guiter straps
  2. TV Evangelists
  3. Bad marketing
  4. Street Preachers… The ones that scream that everyone is going to hell.
  5. Socks AND Sandals.
  6. Apathy
  7. Satan
  8. The bazillion or so sins it’s possible to commit both singly and corporately?
  9. Wordart
  10. People that spin socks around…
Is gay marriage really one of the most serious threats to the church over the last 500 years?

Dear Dave , Nick and the mainstream media…

Dear Dave , Nick and the mainstream media

Please whatever happens dont forget that the #CofE thinks about more stuff then just gay marriage.

We’re just not very good at getting people talking about what we really do care about: Sorry about that.


Some people on the backrow